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My favourite are the Ice Watches. They are very similar to 'ToyWatch', but they come in more colours and the straps and faces can be changed to create a different look.

Monday, June 27, 2011

RTCC - check!

I kept wanting to write, especially right after I completed the Ride to Conquer Cancer...but with everything these days I felt I needed sometime to reflect and to also find some spare time. What an experience it was! 200kms and then some from the Ex to Niagara Falls and every little city, town, and open road in between! I will never forget the first time I was a part of the RTCC! I first want to thank all the amazing supporters that helped me get through the event and to help me reach and surpass my fundraising goal...I was amazed, shocked, speechless and felt I was part of something big!! Thank you!! All of the participants together raised a total of 17.5 million dollars! Total awesomeness!! Together We Can! Though I knew mentally and physically I would be able to reach the finish line (as marathons have helped me to realize my potential) was really tough, because as always my competitive nature kicked in and I couldn't let myself slow down...I had to give myself a mental pep-talk every so often. That if someone has to deal with cancer I can get past the hill I was trying to climb and can help someone by doing this ride! As I am writing I realize I really can't write down all I experienced...but I will leave by saying Thank you to Team Hope, to our lovely captain Jason, to my fantastic tent mate, Sommer who persevered and got to the finish line with a beaming smile, to the organizers of the event who got me to sleep in a tent again, shower in a transport truck, use port-a-potties all weekend, and fed me healthy meals, to Heather, Marissa, Laura and kiddies with their fantastic signs (one of my students represented too), and Jodie, Mitchell and Chris who met me at the finish...Thank you!! Until next year!! ...because you best be knowing that I am doing this again! holla! - (along with Team Hope's newest members: Jodie, Chris and Heather...and anyone else who wants to join in...beginners to advanced all are welcomed.) peace and love xo

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Weekend I Ride

This past weekend Chris and I participated in the Becel Ride for the Heart - A cause close to my own heart (vsd) was such an amazing feeling biking along the Gardner and then up the dvp to look back around to finish at the Ex. What a great perceptive of the city. Though I drive the route on a daily basis it was nice to not hear traffic but just the pedalling of wheels, heart beats, cheers and heavy breathing on hills. Loved it! Can't wait to do it again next year! It was also a great experience to get my legs prepared as this weekend I ride in the ultimate bike journey for me thus far...I partake in the Ride To Conquer Cancer: riding from Toronto to Hammertown (1ook) on Saturday to then sleep in a tent and wake up at the crack of dawn to hit the roads and ride to Niagara (100k) on Sunday. I cant help but be nervous about everything...nervous about the distance and if I will have someone to pace with me, about whether or not I will get my first flat tire (knock on wood), is it going to rain? and going old school and reliving my youth of camping out in a tent Saturday night...oh and lets not forget my furthest riding distance has been 95k...ahhh! Lots to think about. However, I am going to embrace the unknown, embrace the experience and know that the $3,274 I raised will help to change lives and ultimately change the future. Each peddle stroke is for a purpose. Wish me luck! Thank you to all of you who helped me in this journey! xoxo

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