Wednesday, February 23, 2011


while Chris is away in Florida and Chicago for the week (yes, must be nice!) and I am partaking in my 'house to myself' routine...I realize that I definitely have ssb's (secret single behaviours - shout out to SATC) drum roll (I'm sure you are dieing to soak my hair in Moroccan oil most nights, catch up on PVR'ed Oprah's and Sex and the City reruns, wear my comfy lulu's, paint my nails, blog, read fashion mags, workout, do some yoga, laundry, eat either sushi, pad thai or cereal for din, sleep in the middle of the bed (as most nights I'm fighting for the covers), figure out which clothes haven't seen the light of day recently, catch up with friends, read, and online window shop...and of course count down the days for Christopher to return ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

fam day

Happy Family Day! But most importantly Happy Long Weekend! Chris and I as per usual decided to do a cross country trip and headed to Ottawa and Tremblant for the weekend. I was looking forward to spending some time with his fam (which of course we did), but also to finally skate the canal and celebrate Winterlude. However, because of the lovely thaw we had on Thursday (which I wouldn't have traded for anything), the canal was closed on the day we wanted to go and the ice sculptures we did see seemed a little melted. Needless to say Mr. Carriere owes me a winterlude canal date in 2012 ;) However, we did make our way to Tremblant and enjoyed some boarding. I'm always amazed by what Canada has to offer. Tremblant is a pretty cool village and has some great slopes. Definitely recommend a visit. Anywho Happy Family Day to all! The Bryce's will be celebrating our Family Day during March break where we are ALLLL making our way to Florida.
p.s. I am officially back running again. Chris and I signed up for the Benz 10k race in that has given me a kick start into training for something again. Perhaps a half in the fall. allllright, peace out Sushi just arrived!
pps. Took dance lessons for the very first time this past week...due to cost we are going to youtube our lessons until we find a place that is reasonable in yorkville. never an easy task..but I quite enjoyed the 2 lessons we had :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Website endorsement

Alright I am on a roll...3rd posting of the day...just waiting for Chris to get organized so we can hit the streets. Soo a new website I frequent to window shop is:
Definitely recommend the visit. A couple weeks ago I ordered ninewest ankle boots for only $54 and it was free shipping to the states. Love love love. It's affiliated with Gap and BR, but it has lots of name brands and good steals and deals. Also gives you a heads up about whats coming out for the next season. Just a friendly FYI from me to you.

Product Endorsement #7

This Christmas my parents bought me the Nook Color. I was excited but still a little hesitant as I love holding books and magazines in my hand, and also love seeing books on my shelves. However, I have grown to love it and look forward to reading magazines and books on it, as well as surfing the web and playing games in the car. Unfortunately you need an American address to use it, however if you have the opportunity I would totally recommend it! It's a mini Ipad minus the apps. Love it!
ps. on my way to scope out some skates as Chris and I are hitting the rink next to us. hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has a great Valentines. We are celebrating this eve, as tomorrow night I have a double header soccer game at LP. holla!

Book Review

Just recently I finished a book called "The Guru In You". I was watching Ellen one day and the author was on the show promoting his book and explaining the purpose behind it...I was his target audience because right then and there I ordered it onto my Nook and started reading right away. I think with all books that helps you to recognize things in your life, you have to take it in slowly and choose what you want to gain from it. Anywho I thought it was very enlightening and every so often I would read to Chris certain excerpts and he too was intrigued. I definitely recommend this book: So here is the run down of what the book is all about.
The Guru in You A Personalized Program for Rejuvenating Your Body and Soul
The Guru in You invites you to embark on a journey to reconnect with your body and discover its natural ability to heal. As the first male supermodel, Cameron Alborzian had a life that many dream of—traveling the globe, working with the most prestigious designers in the world, partying with celebrities, and appearing in major ad campaigns and cultural landmarks like Madonna's "Express Yourself" video.
But his real achievement came when he decided to leave the material world of high fashion and investigate the ancient art of Ayurvedic healing. What he learned changed his life, and, after years of study, he now works with everyone from Hollywood celebrities to executives of international corporations to bring balance, improved health, and inner peace to their busy lives. The tools he provides for his clients are now available to all with The Guru in You.
Most of us will never have a live-in guru, but Yogi Cameron provides the next best thing: an easy-to-follow program, guiding you to better health and happiness. The Guru in You lays the foundation for change, helping us identify our unhealthy patterns and set our intentions. It then provides you with a customizable plan. Whatever your body type and temperament, Yogi Cameron offers diet, supplements, breathing exercises, and yoga tailored just for you. This is not a one-size-fits all program but an invitation to develop a practice that you'll take with you for the rest of your life.

Sunday, February 6, 2011