Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011


“The stars don’t have to align, they already have! They’ve aligned in such a way that has created life on this planet. Success and failure are within us. We are born with a purpose in our heart that will never leave us alone. It’s our choice to embrace that purpose and let our hearts and happiness guide us or to make a lower choice and let our fears of failure or success squash what we know in our soul to be true. The only “star” that has to align is our inner constellation of trust. Trust your heart, trust that what makes you happy will always provide for you, and trust that the Universe is whispering your wildest dreams to you and that it will always support you when you are following your heart. The stars don’t have to align, they already have! Now trust them!”
~Jackson Kiddard

Friday, November 18, 2011

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Haven't Lost Your Place

Sometimes when life shifts and changes, it can feel like we've lost out place.
During those times when our lives are changing, we may feel out of tune, out of rhythm, out of balance. Out of step. Maybe an old feeling is surfacing, clearing, so that we can learn something new and move forward to a new place. Maybe our attention is being diverted to a new focus so we can find and experience another lesson. Sometimes the form or shape of our life is changing dramatically. The old picture is being erased so a new one can be drawn. Familiar people are leaving; new people are entering. We may ache, feel irritable, and doubt the course of our entire journey. We may doubt whether the magical way we were living was even real and whether the magic will ever return.
Let the changes happen. Take extra loving care of yourself. Be attentive to what you need. The magic isn't gone; it hasn't disappeared. You're just going through a shift. That means things are moving, and movement is good.
For now it may feel like you can't
find your place, but that's because
your place is changing.

Mitchell makes me laugh...always :)