Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lulu sale...and I will be working on the scene tomorrow and Saturday! So come on down! (please read the fine print...there will be wine!)
ps. had my first day of supply teaching - it's definitely nice to be back in the classroom!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10k Benz

For all of you looking for a goal to set for yourself...why not sign up for the Mercedes-Benz Oakville 10k race held on Sunday April 26th. You can either speed walk or run. I hear through the grape vine the swag bag and medal is not to be missed. Some of the proceeds go to the United Way of Oakville and also those who cross the finish line get registered to win a Mercedes Benz for the year. Yes Please! I have no affiliations with this race, just thought I would pass on the word as it's always nice to see a familiar face on race day. The run will start and finish on the sprawling park-like campus of 98-year-old Appleby College, this one-loop flat course will traverse through picturesque tree-lined Oakville – the running capital of Canada. So come one - come all!
ps. fees go up Feb 28th

Sunday, January 25, 2009

a society plugged in

...and I am one of the biggest culprits. As I was out for my long 22 run this morning in Burlington/Hamilton I couldn't help but think how plugged in we are as a society. I was running with a new friend of mine and at one point in the run we both decided we needed our music to keep us we plugged ourselves into our shuffles, and zoned out a bit near the 15km mark. After around 10 minutes of listening to music I found I was getting agitated so I put the music away, enjoyed the silence around me, and listened to the sound of my footsteps and breathing, while watching the sunrise come up over the water (of course while running). It was actually quite calming...and I think my running partner felt the same way as I saw her put her tunes away too, and we continued to enjoy our conversations. I think what I like most about running is the challenge I set for myself...and I only have myself (my legs, heart and mind) to get me through the course. Okay so I am totally off topic, but my brain is still a little frozen...but as I was running for 2 hours I was thinking how nice it was to not have music playing, cell phone ringing and red light flashing on my bb to tell me to check my msgs. My Sunday runs let me escape the busy-ness of life (yoga included). We as a society are so plugged in, and I am a prime example...when was it suddenly normal to have television in every room, a computer at your fingertips with highspeed internet and a cell phone / bb to be in touch at all times during the day? What ever happened to getting letters in the mail, or speaking to a friend on your house line or actually having to go to their house to say hello and see how they are? Though I am a fan favourite of technology and the more the merrier it's refreshing sometimes to be without it and to enjoy the simple things of a peaceful Sunday morning run!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sex and the City, The Sequel

Filming is going to be taking place this summer! yay! I seriously don't think this show will ever get old. Well at least not for me (and for a million others). The count down is on.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

change has come

I try to steer clear of speaking about religion, politics and life issues that cause much debate; as I know we all have our own views and these categories are never black and white (yes I am a peaceful laid back Canadian). However, today I can't help but think what an amazing day it is. I have been watching the coverage on Obama's inauguration for the past couple days and can't help but to sit back in awe. For it is this day that will be marked in all future history books for years to come! "Change has come" It is also on this day that we see how patriotic the people of the united states are and how we as another country can learn from them. It seems so surreal the amount of people that have shown up in Washington to witness this event! "Ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country".
Ps. For anyone who missed the "We Are One" tribute on HBO - I have it pvr'ed! Very inspiring!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Product Endorsement #3

I've never been one for scented body lotions and washes. I am pretty standard and tend to go for the timeless johnson&johnson baby lotion. However, this Christmas my parents aka mom bought my sister and I both a body lotion and body wash from the "La Source" collection at Crabtree & Evelyn. It's pretty damn good! Everytime I use it I feel as if I am at the spa, it's such an amazing smell. It also reminds me of Florida...which is what I need on frigid days like today. Anywho thought I would pass on the good!
Side note: For all you winter drivers out there this is a message not to be missed! We runners, who are running on the side of the road, hate to share the road with you just as much as you hate sharing it with us (especially Lakeshore drivers). However, there is not much we can do as the sidewalks are horrendous and unfortunately can not be used as a running path. We understand you may have to swerve a slight bit so we can all fit on the road and we do understand that that may be annoying, however, it's just the way it's got to be! please do not honk at us, and or try to come super close in order to prove a point. We are doing the best we can to stay out of your way - please return the favour! Merci, from your neighbourhood runners!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bride Wars

Yesterday, Katie and I decided to go and see a matinee at the Queensway cinema's. We decided on of course the new movie out: Bride Wars. What we didn't know was when a movie is listed with a "S&S" beside the title it actually means "Stars and Strollers". Soo much to our surprise we watched the movie while trying to tune out a theatre packed with babies and new moms. Other than a few screamers we were able to concentrate....but the movie wasn't as dark and wasn't as loud as usual...and we were the only ones without a babe! Anywho I don't recommend seeing a S&S movie, but I do give Bride Wars 1 thumb up and 1 thumb sideways. It was an enjoyable movie, fashion was great, kate hudson's dress and ring were to die for (Tiffany Novo!), and the music was perfectly choreographed and catchy....however, the story got a bit wishy washy and I didn't exactly believe that some parts were true to life...but it was entertaining and a great thing to do with a girlfriend!
ps. I am officially on a supply list! yay!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Update: Best Dressed

Well my friend Cameron Diaz wins it dressed at the Globes (in my opinion). Though I know most of you will say what's with the hair? I still feel she can pull off the glam beach girl look! Ps. She also deserves the best 'pipes' award!
Second place goes to Heidi Klum! Love the 80's inspired dress. Not too sure about her shoes, but she of course can pull it off. Fair play. I missed most of the show, however got to see the most important awards at the end of the night. I still don't get how some movies/shows/actors can win an award if their movie isn't even out in theatre's yet! hmmm? Biggest upset for me was the fact Leo D. yet again did not receive a globe. I feel he gets missed every year and he is a superb actor - even though he was nominated for Revolutionary me that is one movie I don't think I will enjoy! I have read most of the book and finally gave up on it because it was putting me to sleep! Movie I would most likely want to see from seeing the awards last night is: Slum Dog Millionaire!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coffee before you run

So this evening I had a night of hill training with my running group...prior to the group hitting the pavement we had a guest speaker. This guest speaker had all sorts of degrees obtained, awards won, and even sounded as if he was a serious athlete...anywho he was speaking to us about eating right for training. I always believe all in moderation, and just work out harder if you want to eat more. However, alot of what he shared with us this evening was helpful....most I have heard before but it was nice to know the same rules apply. What stuck with me the most and I sort of perked up was when he started talking about the benefits of caffeine before training. I love a good cup of tea, tazo chai's to be exact, however I have never enjoyed coffee, I actually hate it!! I have also never really drank caffeine before a work out...but throughout my years of early mornings and yawns throughout the day I have always been envious of the cup of joe lovers out there. I would love to drink something that would make me alert and ready for anything! Ok so I am a bit off the guest speaker was saying that if you have a cup of coffee/caffeine 1/2 hour before you work out or go for a long run ,your body will burn your adipose fat (the fat that you don't want on your body) at a quicker rate (you must work out longer than 30 minutes for results) than if you didn't drink any caffeine. If you don't drink caffeine your body is burning off your glucose first, then something else, and then finally the fat you have stored. I was like...pardon me? Sooo over the next few weeks I am going to try and give it a-go and hopefully learn to enjoy coffee. He also mentioned that some people may have sensitive GI systems so this may not work and could get interesting! ha!
Ps. I know there are many myths and facts about the benefits of drinking coffee so I have included a link for anyone to read up on it: I just thought it was an interesting piece of advice.
Pps. Steph and I have officially signed up for Chilly, ATB and Miss. turning back! Bring on the coffee ;)

1 year already!

Gosh...where does the time go? Mitchell is 1 year already! Tuesday night we celebrated Mitchell's birthday in Bryce fashion: Chicken parm, ceaser salad, 2 cakes and some vino! yes please! Though I felt a desperate need for the new year to for me a lot of life changing events occured...and I also want to look back on 2008 and only think happy thoughts. So here's to 2008 the year: Mitchell, Estelle, Irene, and Cohen were born (I'm sorrry if I missed any!); I completed 2 marathons, and a sprint tri (thought I would sneak that in there), Josie, Dave, Cam & Erin got married; Katie, Sean, Zarine, George, Erin, Ryan (congrats E&R!! I have yet to pass on my wishes!) and a few others got engaged and it was the year I finished teacher's college! May we all look back on our years and try to think only happy thoughts and close the chapters we need to! Peace out!