Sunday, April 29, 2007

Summer...almost here!

Ahhh...that's my long exhale after patiently waiting through the winter months for summer/sunny skies to arrive...welcome back... summer has now arrived!!! ok maybe it hasn't actually arrived, but this weekend it defiantly felt like it was and is here! After moving Jodie out of her apartment in Toronto we (Dad, Jodie, U-Haul and I) treked it up north. Was a little bit of a miserable day on Saturday, but we all woke up to a perfect day today and didn't waste any time being outside. Also Kevin and Steph made a surprise visit and rolled in just before 10am. Jodie and I went for a run, me 40 mins one way and her 2 hours the other (she is in training mode) I then arrived back after running in the sun, to throw the football around with kev. My arms were a little stiff, but once i got into the mode, I was throwing spirals left right and centre :) Basketball was next. We didn't want to go inside at all!! I now have a nice little tan, and I am officially back...back from the land of the pale and pasty, to the land of the "needs to be outdoors at all time". I think I defiantly am one who craves being out doors... I feel more alive and more like myself being outside. So it is safe to say, move aside cause I am ready for the summer!
Not only are the seasons changing, but my living situation is changing, I am now no longer the sole resident of 148 Reynolds, but Jodie has joined for the summer and soon enough B & B will be guests of my house and even the kitties that have been dearly missed will be arriving soon. My house will defiantly be one full house...yes I understand I am saying "my" house...but for awhile that's what it has felt like. Hope my new residents keep things tidy around here! ha!

ps. Kailey (sp?) from Grey's Anatomy was just spotted on "You've got mail" as the cashier named Rose. Wow I almost didn't recognize her, she has definitely come a long way! My heart reached out to her last Thursday when she was in the elevator with Izzy!
pps. only pic of the cottage i have on this computer...a little fuzzy!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mmmm bye!

Sorry for all the quotes, but I am officially obsessed. Well I have been my entire life, I find I am always so intrigued by a quote and the meaning behind it. No matter what you are going through sometimes reading a quote will make you have an "Oprah" halaluya moment! **must be read in an Oprah voice. A quote can make you say "totally!" The quote on the side made me smile! Very appropriate!
So another official moment, I have now been tagged as someone who says good-bye on the phone by saying "Mmmm bye" or when i need to say ok, i say "Mmmm k". I have no idea where i got it from, but now my friends have been noticing it, as well as my manager...I rarely catch myself doing it. Too funny! I just wonder who I got it from, cause no one learns to say 'mmm bye' on their own. Who ever you are I will catch you! ;) Without going too into it, it's a strange and very interesting thing how people adjust their habits to habits of the people around them, and how we all learn from each other on how to do things, say things, or even how to wear things. Interesting! Mmmm bye!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dove - True Colors

True Colours

Before you read my entry click on the link above and make sure to have your volume turned up! This will help to set the mood :)

Just the other day I was thinking about how we all have a matter who you are, where you are from, or even if you are having the best day ever... all of us have a story and no one is perfect. We live in a world where we are constantly having to make decisions to move forward...decisions that can be as small as "what should I make for breakfast?" to ones that are huge decisions and can be life altering at times. In any case it's these decisions that change and shape our lives and make us who we are today...and it's how we deal with these decisions or answers to our questions we have that will let us move forward. I have been very lucky in my life to have amazing family, friends and a loved one that have stood by me through the hard times and through the good times and I just want to say Thank you! Thank you for reaching out to grab my hand and especially for when I need it the most!

Now most of you are wondering why the dove commercial relates to what I just said, and I'm not really sure it does...but when I heard the song today it really made me think about life...and made me realize we are all in this world together so lets try to be compassionate to those around us and lets be there for each other.

ps. I'm not sure that what I wanted to say was said, but hey I tried ;) If anything I hope everyone watched the commercial and took something away from it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What Not To Wear

Ok so and laineygossip have both posted this picture...there are just some trends that people should stay away from! High waisted pants on people who are over 90 lbs or shorter than 6 feet being two of them! Jessica Simpson has always been one of my fashion icons, and always looks great no matter what she wears...until now! Some things just don't work no matter how trendy you are! I feel I now know what works for my body type and what doesn't .... and what might look great on some of my friends might not look great on me or vice what was she thinking? Victoria Beckham on the other hand always looks great...I know I know a little fake looking (or a lot) but she does know what works and she has great arm candy too! My appreciation for her went up ten folds after reading her I'm sorry if most of you disagree! Fair play to her!

I was recently been told by my #1 reader that I should start to add entries every so often on current events and to share my views on what is happening in the world. I just find when it comes to serious matters I really need to think about what I should be saying and heart goes out to the family and friends though of the people who were taken in the shootings at Virgina Tech. Each morning I watch the Today show to learn more about what people are going through in Virginia, it all just amazes & saddens me....I found Josie did a great recap of what she thought of everything, and everything she said I totally agree read her "A Mile a Minute" blog and see what she has to say (if you already haven't!)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

snow patrol

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

As I was driving home from work tonight I heard Chasing Cars on the radio and every time I hear the lines above it always makes me think about how it's such a powerful thing to say. What an amazing thing it must be to write something so meaning and to turn it into a song for the rest of the world to hear.

Ps. You learn something new everyday: Tip: Apply eye cream before your face cream. I never knew that ;) ... thought I would share!
Pps. I am anti Spencer! Heidi get rid of him!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Just a thought

First thought: When asked recently how I enjoyed my holidays in Ireland last week...I thought to myself "my gosh was I in Ireland last week? It feel as if it's been a month that has past" ... so upsetting! I guess that's the case for all holidays. You start your count down the second you have made the decision to go; you board the plane when the count down is over; you then settle into your holiday groove and before you know it in a blink of a second you are back at your desk and plugging away! Sometimes life stands still and other times it goes so fast you have to try and plant your feet to stay steady! I find though after holidays life stands a little too still and you start to question everything (not to be read between the lines..bren) Any who I don't know how I got into this subject but I think it's because I was just looking at pics on Jen's facebook from Ireland. So these last few days have been crazy busy at work! The project we have been working on since January is finally launching...equals 8 am starts to 10 om lock ups 24/7 including this weekend (hence the reason it's Saturday night, and I am sitting in bed with Thomas Crown Affair on in the background and labtop sitting in lap) We are taking Monday off though! Julia Roberts Woop Woop!! and it's going to be a day of pampering: you better believe it!

Second thought: Today I learnt that first impressions really do mean everything! I always considered myself to have an open mind and to not always judge a person by their cover or by their decisions, but I think we all hold our first impressions of a person at the forefront of our minds until the individual makes us think otherwise and proves our thoughts wrong...or in some cases proves our thoughts right.
Ps. Kim is heading to Dublin in a couple weeks...I want to go too!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Winter again?

Ok so this is a reaction entry after reading what Heather had to say about the weather. Noooooo... it's going to snow again this weekend: 20cm ...can that be? It's just not fair! After being out of routine for the last 3 weeks (even though I wouldn't trade those days for the world) I have never felt so blaaaa! I just need summer to arrive!
Reason for my melancholy: My roots are not looking so hot (apt Monday thank god), I am whiter than a joke! and after being out of routine for 3 weeks I dont exactly feel the healthiest I've been...okay I kind of feel like a heffer whaaaa! and to make things even worse my lovely engine light has decided to appear on my dashboard...making me fall even more in love with my car. Why oh why?!?!
Tonight I started back with my routine and headed to Ashtanga 2 & ordered sushi, hopefully this will be a quick transition back to a smiley face (blonde, tanned and healthy)! ....i shouldn't be watching dancing with the stars as the girls on there have super healthy bodies and great hair..not helping my situation!

Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something...find it and keep it lit!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

My date with Heathrow!

Well I have made it across the pond; and am sitting here in Heathrow airport waiting until 5am to then check in for my flight at 6:50am. What was I thinking? I thought I would get to London, check in, do a little shopping in the terminal, have a starbucks or 2, read my book and take a nap....but i was wrong! All the shops are closed, starbucks is no where to be found, and I have to keep my luggage with me until 5am when an Aerlingus person opens the booth to check in...which is 6 hours away. What to do? At least I am SUPER tired! I had the longest past 3 days doing a training 'thang' with Mosaic, and last night I arrived home at 3am, where I had a 1 hour nap, and then woke up at 5am to get ready to head out. I'm a little tired to think of anything more to write, but it wouldn't be great if the airport had a movie theatre or something to occupy my time! I guess I should have prepared myself a little more. Looks like I will be reading the newest Shopaholic book from cover to cover! My date with Heathrow is turning out to be a bust! Can't wait to arrive in Dublin tomorrow!
ps. It's Jodie's birthday on the 4th...when did we all grow up? I wish I could be there to celebrate, but I will be bringing a lil something something for her from Topshop, and an extra bonus for the fact that she drove me to the airport at 6:30am this morning...that's what sisters are for ;)
Pps. For the past few mornings I have been waking up in the late 5's, early 6's...not my ideal schedule, but when I wake up I hear the Geese making their noises, and it always brings me back to the time when a couple of us girls (you know who you are) would wake up at a god awful time every morning in high school to get out on the water at the Don to Row as a team of 4. I hated when the alarm would go off, but it was such a surreal moment when you are out on the river/lake and all you could hear was our ores dipping in the water, our seats going back and forth & we were able to watch the sun rise; knowing we were one of the first to see it. I don't know why I have been thinking about that lately but rowing was such an amazing experience with so many stories....