Thursday, December 24, 2009

carrie on

almost forgot...count down is on until May 2010 - Sex and the City: The 2nd Movie. Though this time around I can wait as this May marks the month I turn 30...oh dear! Carrie on...looking forward to the fashion and of course the ever entertaining story line. night night. back to my puzzle - but just wanted to share! Josie - date night?

Twas the night before Christmas

...and I am officially an only child. boo hoo. My dad is driving Jodie to the airport as I write, to go home for the evening and spend Christmas with Kevin, Steph and her then pick up Mitchell tomorrow morning and fly back here for Christmas evening. So this year things are going to be a little different... Previously us 'kids' would wake up at a ridiculously early time and open our then head back to sleep and wait for my parents to come and wake us then have some tea and coffee and enjoy exchanging gifts...or watching Mitchell open all his gifts from Nana and Grandpa...and then head out for a really long walk (yes that was a really long run on sentence! ha). This year instead, I am going to be waking up and pretending it's just another day in Florida (however I do get to open a gift in the morn that was delivered to me today...yay!). We are then going to lace up our golf shoes, go play a round, make our way to the movies (hmm what to see?), and pick Jodie and Mitchell up at the airport and have Christmas then have our own lil celebration on boxing day. Oh well...Christmas is about spending time with family...can't wait to see Mitchell tomorrow! safe flight!
Merry Christmas to you all. May this holiday season bring you joy, love, laughter and time with your family.
ps. Check out - It's the movie theatre where we are going to tomorrow...they had me at "you are allowed wine while watching...and comfy leather seats".
pps. Jodie and I are on a mission to complete our Christmas is our status. 1500 pieces. argh! it's actually quite addicting!

Monday, December 21, 2009


Soo every so often a friend of mine, Mrs Holly Wellon, posts extraordinary photos of her baking creations on facebook...and once I see the album is updated I get so excited to see what she comes up with next...AND today her talent in the kitchen had me in a state of awe! After making sure it was ok, I wanted to share with you all some of her baking master pieces. Here are a few pics!! (ps. She can do everything and anything, I just chose a couple of my favs...yes I love a little glam!) Holly should the day ever come you will be my gal ;) sigh...soo talented. I can't even spread on pre-made betty crocker icing without wanting to cry about the disaster. pps. we finally made it to Florida! A wee bit cold, but going to warm up soon! holla

Saturday, December 19, 2009

stranded in virginia

well it's dad and i are stranded in West Virginia at the Holiday Inn...and so it seems the rest of the world is! Last night we arrived in at 8pm after white knuckling it for 1.5 hours going 30k to find an enormous line of hopeful hotel guests. We ended up scoring a room, but there were several unlucky ones who slept in the lobby. It is a total gong show...and lucky us are here for another night as all highways are closed. oh dear. Though I have been able to knit through majority of my sweater, I have officially run out of wool and of course have found myself online while watching "The Holiday". hrmph. I am all for massive snowstorms as I feel people become united and the world slows down for a moment...we have even made a couple friends...however, when you still have 12 hours to go and are in desperate need for the sun, this isnt exactly my ideal situation. Anywho c'est la vie.
Sooo since I have all this time on my hands what should I talk about? Well these past couple weeks have of course been busy but have been extremely enjoyable (love this time of year)! December 12th marked my dad's 60th Birthday!...and of course the 7 of us celebrated in style. We booked a reservation for my parents at the four seasons, had cocktails and aps at Chris' (very clean) place, and made our way to Scaramouche. For those of you who have never been a total recommendation!! Top notch!! The food was to die for and melted in your mouth, of course wallets melt a little too, but very delish. On the 13th, the girls and I celebrated our yearly tradition of Kris Krigle exchange, though this year though we were all at Heather's, we didnt all get to be in the same place at once....but so glad we were able to the other weekend. Then to continue the weekend, Chris and I headed to the Nutcracker. Such a great way to kick off the holiday season, however, I think one of us was a wee bit tired. So peaceful to watch the ballet though, took me a bit to settle in, but it was very calming. Fav part the Snowflake princess'...and of course buying a lil' ornament to place on the tree. Then of course this past week was spent supplying and teaching and catching up with Jen. Went out for din to Libretto's on Ossington with Jen, Chris, Dave and Chris to enjoy some italian cuisine...another place to recommend and this time very feasible! I truly enjoy spending time with friends and talking about life over a glass of wine and some great food. Anywho time to close the comp and watch the rest of the movie. But here's hoping we get to leave in the morning...snow snow go away come back another day...
ps. West Virginia seems to be the home of camouflage...y'all let's go a hunting...oh dear!

Friday, December 11, 2009

if i were a fab coat

...this is the coat I would love to be! Kate Hudson sporting a fabulous grey fur. Ah one day. ps. her hair and choice of drink also top notch!
soo as I prepare myself for a run in the morning, I can't help but watch a little tv. Just finished watching Julia and Julie (very good!) kind of made me want to appreciate cooking. kind of. anywho as the movie finished a special on Tiger Woods terrible choices was airing on dateline. oh man oh man! Growing up in a golf family and knowing just how amazing Tiger Woods is at his sport...and also not hearing anything about his personal life other than his love for his family...I found it utterly shocking about the most recent news of his million Mistresses. pleease! what is this world coming too...and who are all these tarts that feel like he 'loved them'. He is married and cheating!! He doesn't love you! What gets me fired up is that he didn't just cheat once or twice, as far as the media knows it could be up to 11 tarty tarts. My heart breaks for Elin. To experience a heart break from your one who ends up cheating on you is truly painful...and I only hope for Elin and her children that this media frenzy puts this mess aside and lets her breath. karma will get ya every time! Anywho that's enough of that! ps. in 45 minutes bobby b turns the big 60! looking forward to celebrating in style! night night xo

Monday, December 7, 2009

on repeat

One of my fav Christmas songs...thought I would share it with y'all.
Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.

I believe in Santa Claus
I believe in Santa Claus
I believe there's always hope
When all seems lost
And I believe in Santa Claus.

I believe in Santa Claus
I'll tell you why I do
I believe that dreams and plans
And wishes can come true.
I believe in miracles
I believe in magic too
I believe in Santa Claus
And I believe in you.

I believe in family
In country and in smiles
I believe in turning negatives
To positives in life.
I believe in looking farther up
The farther down we get
I believe when someone hurts us
We should forgive and forget.
And I believe in Santa Claus
I believe in Santa Claus

I believe that love
Should prevail at any cost.
And I believe in Santa Claus

I believe in saying what you mean
And meaning what you say
I believe a better attitude
Can make a better way.
I believe in viewing life
As a journey that we're on
And looking at our troubles
As another stepping stone.

And I believe that everything
That it is what it's meant to be
I believe there is a God somewhere
Although he's hard to see.
I believe I am so therefore
I should do all that I can
To be a better piece
In the puzzle of God's plan.
And I believe in Santa Claus
I believe in Santa Claus
I believe there's always hope
When all seems lost.
I believe in Santa Claus.

Let the little children sing - (I believe in Santa Claus)
Let the whole world to sing with us. - I believe in Santa Claus
Let the whole world to sing with us. - I believe in Santa Claus
I believe in Santa Claus
I believe there's always hope
When all seems lost.
I believe in Santa Claus...
ps. Picture of Mitchell helping his mom decorate their tree.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

decorating december

Just before December hit, I somehow convinced Chris to dust off his Christmas decorations that I thought were all a myth and add a little Christmas spirit to his place. I was very impressed by his supplies and as a team we spruced his place up! I love love love this time of year! As Chris didn't need additional decorations I thought I would add one personal touch to his tree (keeping with his colour scheme) and add a little starbucks charm. (The picture of the tree doesn't do it justice...good ol' bb camera). Anywho I just love admiring his tree, there is nothing like being surrounded by a little Christmas loving. I feel this should be a year long tradition - decorate a tree to the season?!?! Just an idea. Continuing on...since then lots of events and memorable moments have occurred. Last weekend a bunch of us went to C5 restaurant at the ROM for Erin's birthday (totally recommend the place...rated in the top 10 i think in the tdot), and then made our way into the hammer to celebrate Dave's surprise bday. Great night...especially the company. The week then flew by with lots of supplying and teaching, and on Friday Chris and I joined some western folks at Lindsay and Will's house where we celebrated Martha, Matt, Christina, Dave and Katy's decision to move to London in January. Not much of a celebration for me, but I am excited for them as they enter into a new chapter in their lives. Might just have to make a visit. (why is it that everyone is hoo!). Then last night met up with some high school peeps to hold up a glass to Amie's 30th. 30?!? where does the time go? And today was spent sleeping in, having tea with Hennum and Box and continuing to knit my aritzia inspired wool sweater and watching the finale of my fav show Amazing Race! One year when the network allows Canadians to participate...I will be there...and racing to win! Anywho this week seems to be another busy one as this time of year always brings on gatherings, but am looking forward to celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday on Saturday and welcoming home Jen! I love December!
Ps. Florida in t-minus 12 days
Pps. Christmas cd of the moment: Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers! holla