Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October 31st

Journey To the Heart: Something Important is Happening Now

There's never a time when nothing is happening
Something is always taking place. Growth is occurring. We're evolving, transforming, working things out, incorporating our last lesson, preparing for the next. Something is happening. We just don't always see it. And that's how it's meant to be.
When we see, when we know too much too soon, it's easy to let our heads get in the way. We think we have control, have to force, have to make it happen, have to do something.
In a gentle but wise way, the universe takes into account our fears and our natures. It doesn't let us know too much too soon. It doesn't spoil the surprise. It doesn't want us to spoil it either.

Open your heart to the universe.
Trust that something is always
happening. And often, it's much
different and better than you think.

Ps. congrats to Josie and Dave!! amazing and exciting news!
"May your love be modern enough to survive the times, yet old fashion enough to last forever!"

Saturday, October 27, 2007

trick or treat

Last night Stu, Malibu Barbie and the Devil met up for a night of festivities at Holly and Marty's gorgeous (haunted) house.
I have always somewhat enjoyed it is a time to dress up and party. Throughout the years I have dressed up as 1 of the 3 little bears, a rock star, witch, a spice girl (sporty spice), a rock star: to name a few...but I think what I like the most is seeing what others wear and how much they put into the season. On Wednesday my school that I am placed in is having a Halloween parade...I can't wait to see what some of the kids are going to be dressed as! I am hoping some will be wearing the super cute costumes I have seen at Old Navy!! I almost bought one just to have for a future child or for Jodie's...but that might have been a bit much. Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

California Wildfires

Every morning while getting ready for school I watch the Today Show. They do such an amazing job of informing the viewers of current events....and currently as everyone must know (or don't...but you do now) that California is suffering severe wildfires. It is just so tragic, I can't even imagine! Yesterday I just felt so guilty that it was pouring rain, while across the country and south, California was and is desperate for water and rain! The world acts in mysterious ways. It's surreal how much power mother nature has over us! My heart goes out to all the community members of California, you're all in my thoughts! This morning Matt Lauer (or it might have been was early i forget) was interviewing a couple who had just arrived back to their home, to find everything in ashes. It was an emotional interview that reached out to me as if I was experiencing it myself. Matt had asked if they had a chance to grab anything before they vacated their home...and there comment was 'each other' and their dog. All day today I was thinking that if that were to happen to me (knock on wood) and I had one or two things to grab what would I bring with me? I still don't really know my answer...because when it comes down to it...there isn't anything in my room that I would desperately need to live with. As long as my friends and families are safe and are with me then that's all I would need to live. Of course if I had time to pack an enormous bag...well then it would be much different; my jewellery, computer, pictures, new dress, my teddy bear made of my Nana's fur coat, my boots, old cards, and it could go on...In all seriousness though I just couldn't imagine! May day 4 (today) of the California Wildfires be the last day!
(ps. This morning the Today Show played a video of the fires that was choreographed to the song......stood beneath an orange sky...well I had a dream last was very well done!)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Before & After

Yesterday I attended my high school's (LPSS) 50th anniversary. The day kicked off with Alumni playing the current field hockey team at LP....drum roll please...the Alumni beat the current team! Oh ya! 3-2! (presently the team is it was quite the win). It was a great team (the cougars as we were called) went all out and didn't stop until the whistle blew. Mind you a ball hit me so hard in the leg I might have a bruise for months and I can presently feel every muscle in my body...but it was all worth it! #16 was back for the day. We then wondered the halls and's just nutso that it's been 8 years since going to highschool, and when on the field and in the halls it seemed like yesterday. Anywho the day was a great day, and it ended at the Crooked Cue in Port Credit...I saw some old friends and we caught up on life. It's sometimes really nice to be with the people who have been there while you were growing up, and though 8 years have gone by some things will never change.
Ps. Picture 1 is the Alumni and the current team. Picture 2 is the year we won OFSAA...I was in grade 10 (somebody should have told me to opt out of the middle part...hideous!!) Picture 3 is us infront of our wall of fame!

Beckham Vs Jonny Wilkinson- Adidas ad

My two favourite athletes! I could watch them anytime!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dancing with the Stars: My Vote

My vote for tonight is: Julianne and Helio
(I loved their song choice!! Iris, by Goo Goo Dolls...very peaceful and 'dreamy' song! you can't help but to get a little emotional watching them dance to it!...her dress also was fabulous!)
ps. I do like Jenny Garth...but that's probably because of 90210...and I love seeing people make a come back!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Time to breath...

Ever since arriving home on Wednesday life has been very busy...and I feel as if I haven't had time to close my eyes! So tonight I decided to rent "Factory Girl" and chill out with Josie as my date! While I was away in Dublin I received an email from one of my best friend in high school's older sister sharing the news that Emily was engaged! So exciting! So last night I headed into Toronto to celebrate the news! I haven't seen Em in a long time, so it was great to catch up with her and share in her excitement (on a side note: her ring is massive and gorgeous!!) It's so crazy to be the age I am at now, I can feel the next chapter slowly approaching but it's mostly because the people around me have already started their next chapter. As Emily and I were talking last night, it was funny to say that she is going to be a wife soon...a wife?!?! did we not just graduate from grade nine? we were talking about the upcoming high school reunion and some memories we had at LP...if I go to my reunion it will be so strange to walk the halls again...I only have amazing memories of high school. I just think reunions will never be what you expect them to be, you can never relive a moment and the people you are friends with now are the people who have been there for you...but then again it is nice to see some old faces and remember the good moments that you shared growing up (and maybe even play a game of field hockey).
Ps. Shopping update: While in Dublin and visiting TopShop I purchased a fab winter coat and and a floor length silk dress I might have tried the dress on 100x's already since arriving home already ha! some how I need someone to throw a fancy party so I can sport my new digs! ah I'm in love! (The pictures don't really show the true look, but thought I would share anyways!)
Ok peace out..time to relax!