Friday, June 29, 2007

Spice Girls

Zig-a-zig ahh! It's true the Spice Girls are reuniting for one last time. Even though it may not seem "cool" to admit, but I was a huge Spice Girls fan...girl power ;) I loved all their songs and they always had such great videos, it was hard not to love their peppy music. We even still have Spice Girl stickers (from gum packs) on the shower doors in our upstairs guest bathroom at the cottage, they will go down in history. I do think they took a turn for the worst when they created the movie "Spice Girls" that's when I jumped off the band wagon...but needless to say I will definitely be waiting to see what sort of music they come out with. I am hoping they are not going to re-create what they use to do, but to reinvent themselves as the more mature, sophisticated and "I have been in the real world" (expect Posh) versions of themselves. "So here's a story from A to Z, you wanna get with me, You gotta listen carefully, We got Em in the place who likes it in your face, We got G like MC who likes it on an, Easy V doesn't come for free, she's a real lady, And as for me you'll see, Slam your body down and wind it all around, Slam your body down and wind it all around."

So this morning I woke up with my eyes so puffy it was crazy...I ran down to my sister and she describes it as looking at a person who hasn't slept in weeks! It's actually kind of scary how I obviously had a reaction to something and I have no idea what...I then went to a walk in clinic and had to do the run around all day...blood work, testing, pharmacy, etc. Nutso! So I am sitting here watching Oprah (AND doing work zarine !!!) and am wishing my eyes were a little normal so I could go outside for a bit. wha! It doesn't help that today's Oprah with Faith Hill is a little bit of a tear jerker! Reminds me of my days when I was a Rep, I would work till 4 and then watch Oprah religiously, and sit there crying of happiness for the guests and the topics that would be on the show! Ha! Any who it's the long weekend, finally, and I am heading up north tomorrow morning. It's the Lindros party tomorrow night, should be good times! Happy long weekend everyone! Teacher's you are home free!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Morning

Some things that I think are very strange: 1. Mirror’s in elevators…it’s hard enough being stuck in an elevator pretending you have something in your purse or something important on your cell phone…so why throw a full length mirror into the mix and have us all stare into it…awkward!
2. People who don’t wear seat belts. I just heard on the news coming into work today that (very sad news!!) there was an accident on the 401 yesterday and 2 people were killed who weren’t wearing their seat belts! I just can’t believe it…have we not all learnt by now that seat belts are required. I even feel ‘naked’ without mine…and imagine driving on the 401 (my least fav highway) without one? 3. People who smoke: it’s the 21st century. Enough said.

Sorry for some reason those things came to mind this morning and I thought I would share. Well the drama has come to an official end, I have officially sold my Landrover…it started over heating last week and I was like “forget it I need to get rid of this”. So to make a long story very short, a friend from high school, Loveys helped me find a bidder. I am currently driving a rental until next week (screaming bright blue chev cobalt…very cool!! but I am very appreciative) and then I will be back in the Acura for the summer while Jodie is in Calgary. (Yes Jodie will be in Calgary, she has met her man!)

Well that’s about it for the time being. Is it just me or has this week been super long? Can’t wait for the long weekend! Going to go biking tonight, hopefully the heat outside is turned down!
Ps. I heard “Somewhere over the Rainbow” this morning, what a peaceful song. Memories.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tuckerd out!

This weekend was another amazing weekend up north! Not going to go into the I am sleeepy. But Jen and Kim came up north to keep me company. It's amazing to know that no matter how much time has passed since we all last really hung out...and really caught up on life, that some things never change!! Fun times from Sunning, swimming, dining, eating, lounging, "laughing", "lounge wear at the bar...we dont care!", relaxing ... and drinking a lil'...awesome weekend! It's great to have everyone home! xo

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Weekend!

This weekend was a busy weekend, but very fun at that! It's so nice to have Jen home! I always knew there was something missing! I have so much work to do at the moment, and all I want to do go for a long bike ride through Oakville or Milton! However this weekend did seem a lot longer than 2 days for some reason, and this morning when i woke up I shed a small tear!
Friday I went to Mye Japanese Restaurant in Oakville, very yummy, but a tad bit over priced! (but that's Oakville for ya) then we met up with Heather and Lyndon for a beer at Kings Arms (yes I drank beer! a corona though!) It turned out to be a late night, but very fun at that. Saturday I went to Yoga, very tough class! But it seems i am back! Then Jen and I went for lunch at Stoneys, where she gave me a top from my fav store Topshop!! ahh! I miss Topshop!! I then got ready super fast and went to my cousin Elecia's wedding reception get-together, where my sis and dad joined. It was great to see everyone! Cake was picture perfect. Afterwards, we then headed in a car and went downtown to the Intercontinental bar (Proof..or something like that) Met up at Chris' house before hand, and then joined up with some friends. Great outdoor bar, but the drinks were an arm and leg. When my first tab came to $10.50, I was like, um I just ordered one drink. She looked at me like I was second rate or something, and was like "Ya that's how much one drink cost"....well sorrrry! We all had a late night, and passed out in the cabbie on the way home! ha! Sunday, super tired and all Chris and I went for a bike ride, and my heart almost gave out! I did manage to hold my own though! At times it felt like we were in the dessert! The weekend then ended  where I cooked a joint fathers day dinner! YUMMY! Ahhhh and that's my sigh after a long and awesome busy weekend! I could have many more of those. Sorry for sharing, I know you all must be asleep by now! Peace and Love! xo
Ps. Jodie and I made my dad a collage of photos...arent we so thoughtful and creative. ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just a couple more sleeps

 Tonight a couple of us girls headed into Brampton (so far away..wink wink) to have some din din at Erin's. It always so nice to sit around the table and dish about life. There always seems to be so much going on with each other that it's never a dull moment. Erin also unveiled her wedding dress...we were all in awe....very pretty with crystals and everything...Erin is going to look gorgeous! 3 down 2 to go...Jos you are next!
Well I just wanted to post a lil something something, as every time I sign on to change the count down date I see Bob Barker staring back at me. I will post something more meaningful next time. As you can see I have included some Lainey photos from the event
May everyone wish on a star tonight and wake up to their dreams come true.
Ps. At the moment I am reading "Second Chance" by Jane Green. I have never been one to be emotional when I read a novel, but for some reason I find I am getting teary eyed....I guess I can relate to the characters in some way. I have only just started reading...but it's great so far.
Pss. This weekend was spent with very close family friends, the Conforti's...lots of moments: "Nana B!", "We have known each other since grade 4", "I'm ____!", "Double Brenda trouble!"
It's an amazing thing to see best friends die of laughter with each other...Brenda and Brenda were barely speaking as they were laughing so hard....must have been their good friend Vino...ha! None the less it's amazing to know you have a friend who can make you laugh like there's no other!

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Price is Right

Well the time has come...Bob Barker from the Price is Right has retired the other night after 35 years. I don't think there is one person in this world who hasn't watched the Price Is Right at some point in their life. In high school I definitely spent a Sunday or 2 watching Bob Barker introduce Plinko, Buy or Sell, Hi Lo, Range Game, and the list goes on!! What I will remember most is that not only was this show timeless in all senses, but that my Papa enjoyed this show, and I was able to sit with him and have the same appreciation and excitement when someone spinned the wheel and landed on $1!! Thanks for the 35 years! So tonight I joined the girls (Amanda and Ashleigh) from The Society at Roots on Bloor to listen to guru Lainey Gossip. It was a very interesting evening, there must have been over 150 guests there (members) and somehow we were all connected...I ran into some people I haven't seen in forever. Good times. Most of you who know me might disagree, but I am not really obsessed with celebrity gossip. I don't need to know the ins and outs of their before you say "ya right", let me explain. I am a huge fan of the gossip mags, People, Life&Style, Intouch, etc, but what keeps me buying these mags is I love to find out what celebs are wearing. Seriously!! I cant remember that last time I actually read an article, it's purely for the pictures! Hence the reason People Style Watch is my favourite!! Ok enough with that...Lainey is a super funny chick though and I will always go to events where she is speaking. Ps. Paris got out of Jail because of Herpes, and Suri Cruise isn't Tom's baby. Just an fyi to those of you who do enjoy the dish.

Ps. So for some reason I keep buying clothes with stripes...tends to be black and white, but tonight i wore a grey and white striped jersey dress. I just noticed it today when I looked in my closet and noticed stripes screaming back. Hmmph?

I will add pictures of the event's getting too late tonight to download.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Stanley Cup Finals?

It's a known fact I am not much of a sports "watching" fan...or should I say I really don't watch sports at all, or try very hard not to...for some reason once I see sports on the television I get frustrated, ancy and boredom hits right away! I just want to change the channel when I see sports to something like Amazing Race, Sex and the City or Oprah. For someone who grew up playing every sport under the sun, and continues to stay involved in sports, why is it I hate watching it? I don't even like going to games...well most of the time. When I was in South Africa I went to a Cricket Game, and when I was there someone informed me it was a 5+ hour game...I was like WHAT? are you serious?!?! He told me I should have brought a book, or even my knitting...I was like "ya well you should have told me" ha! Any who as much as I hate to be categorized as a "typical girl" when it comes to letting boys watch sports, I just have to come to terms with it...and so do the boys!! I do appreciate the talent of professional athletes and also always wished I could have been a pro in something, and sometimes just sometimes I do get into the game it just depends on the company and if its the play offs. Any who that being said, hockey is on in the background, I have already channel surfed and there is nothing on...sigh!! I have already worked out, had dinner, and did all the little things I do at i have no choice, and the book I am reading is starting off slow. So here I am watching the Stanley Cup finals. Who knew hockey still played in June? Anaheim is up 1-0 against Ottawa in the 1st period...I am putting my vote on Ottawa...I usually choose the winner for pro line by whether or not i like the place the team is from (yes typical girl) and in this case California is way way better, however I am Canadian, so Ottawa it is. Go Senators!! Ooops just as I typed that the ducks scored a goal....eeesh!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Lainey Gossip!

"Back by popular demand, the queen of everything scandalous and smutty, Elaine Lui, the gossip guru behind, will be joining The Society for one exciting evening of insider reporting you can’t read about in the pages of US Weekly. Get ready for fresh dish from Cannes and hear what happened as she rubbed shoulders with Leo, Brad, Ange and Jude. Lainey is loaded with the latest news. What is happening with young Hollywood? Who’s in and out of love? Join us as we find out.With her finger on the pulse, Lainey is ready to divulge details on what everyone from the Hollywood Slut Brigade to little Sci have been up to since our 2006 Smut Soiree.
When: Thursday, June 7th, 8:00p.mWhere: Roots Flagship store, 100 Bloor Street WestGrab your tickets now - our ‘box office’ will be closed at 12:00p.m. on Wednesday, June 6th or once sold-out"
Above quoted on The Toronto Society. I have officially bought a ticket and will be there to support the celebrity gossip guru as well as support Amanda and Ashleigh! Tickets are selling join in the celebrations. Also check out

Sunday, June 3, 2007


Aren't we so beautiful? This weekend I jetted up north after work on seemed like a really long week so it was nice to get always is! Saturday Jodie and I went for a long ride in the hot sun (5okm). We then arrived home to get ready to go out for dinner with Steph and Kevin. On the way to Water's Edge we dropped my parents off at their party and headed by boat to have some din din and drinks. We had to stay at the egde until we could pick up the partiers so we went to the bar and started up a little photography session with our vino (hence the red lips). It was pretty funny! It's amazing how digital cameras can make you laugh and can keep you occupied for awhile. Ha! " No I look horrible in that one, take sec let me fix my hair....I need some lip gloss." Too funny! I think Kevin and the bar tenders wanted to grab the camera from us and throw it in the lake! Today was spent cleaning the boat house and preparing it for our next weekend visitors and playing 18 holes at Lake Joe. Hope everyone else had a great weekend, I love that it's the beginning of June and it's full blown summer! Saweet!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Past, present and future!

Facebook definitely brings you back to high school times. It's a crazy feeling to think you were once best friends with someone back then, and to now realize you have no idea what the person is up to other than looking at their face book pictures and guessing. I always thought my best friends E, E, S, K & C would be with me until the when did it all change? They were the ones that were with me through the break ups, through the times when I first got drunk, cheer me on as I scored a goal in soccer, picked me up for an early morning rowing session, carried me through the good times and bad, and promised to be my brides maids even if they hated the dress i why are some of us no longer it because we are choosing our own life paths and can no longer relate? I actually don't know how to answer that, but all i can say is, my best friends from high school are what made me what I am today and all i can say is, thank you for being there for me through the gossip years and through the years that helped me develop into the person I am today...but I also want to thank my best friends of today, for we are there for each other as we develop into the people we are going to be tomorrow ! Thank you to all of you who have touched my life in some way, from my past and my future! xo (deep thoughts by Erin Bryce)

Music Review: Serena Ryder
Click on the link above and then click on 'listen'
I am a huge fan of new musical talent, especially young Canadian females! After listening to the song "Weak in The Knees" by Serena Ryder, I felt a connection some how, I think it was the voice and the way the artist sang the song, and how peaceful the music was especially when it is cranked up in the car (of course)! And just the other day Serena Ryder was on the Mad Dog and Billie morning radio show and she was being interviewed and my appreciation for her definitely grew. (You'll have to listen to the link to relate to what I am saying) She will be playing on June 8th and the Music Hall Theatre (if anyone wants to come) and will be touring with some favourites: Xavier Rudd, John Butler Trio, Chris Isaac, and Ray LaMontagne. Amazing!
On a side note: I am a huge fan of Mad Dog and Billie, I listen to them every morning (and always have) they always have me laughing! My 3 favourite morning shows of theirs have been (that I can remember): 1. Review of Serena Ryder 2. Review of Keith Urban 3. Review of Laughing Yoga (soo funny!!). So those of you who are still deciding what radio station to listen to as they drive to work....give 99.9fm a chance!
Book Review: Just finished reading "The Friday Night Knitting Club", I give it a 3 star. Shocked by the ending. What was that all about? About to read Angela's Ashes, the only book around the cottage that I have yet to read. I hear it's a great read, so I will let you know how it goes.
Ps. I am going to try and cut back on quotes, I just re-read some of my entries...and I was like ya ya enough of the quotes..sorry for going over board! Ha!
Pss. At the cottage at the moment, Jodie and I are about to head off for a bike ride. Peace out!