Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the cost of rain

I just bought a $30 umbrella from Wholefoods!?! Was caught in the rain this evening and had no other choice...$30?!?! It is recycled and the colour purple...but still! What's a girl to do when she's trying to save a little mula! argh!
ps. Chris leaves for Hawaii on Friday! One of my top places to go...and he's going without me :(

Monday, October 25, 2010

A History of Rap, ft. Justin Timberlake, The Roots

bryce gals

Yesterday I made my way into Oakville to hang out with Josie, Anthony (cutie!!) and Dave, followed by a trip to Forever 21 to then spend some time with my fam. Jodie, my mom and I decided to do the 5pm hot yoga class at PYC lead by Pauline and it seemed it was exactly what the 3 of us needed. Yoga is a funny thing to me...some days (most of the time) you feel on top of the world, other times super tired and you get yourself through the poses hoping time moves a little faster than others, but then you get the special moments. The moments that really help you seek clarity in life, let you relive a memory, or allow yourself to feel what it is you need to in that particular time. My mom, my sister and I have rarely done yoga all together it was surreal to be side by side sharing each others energy, especially on such a foggy and mysterious day. As we were approaching the end I was thinking what a great class it was and then Pauline pressed play, as we were all in Pigeon and I looked over at my mom, and Jodie and realized we all had tears in our eyes (you non judgement please)...the song that was playing was Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole (youtube it!) which was played at my Nana's funeral. Her and my Papa are dearly missed!! I love the subtle reminders that are presented in life at unique times that lets us think about all the amazing and special people that have touched our lives. xo

Monday, October 18, 2010

our first official dinner party

and many more to come! So last night the fam dam all made their way to McMurrich to celebrate a family tradition of having lovely Sunday night dinners! Chris and I worked long and hard to get this place fire place, paint, seasonal touches, and last but not least trying to figure out what to cook! I whipped up (don't mind me), 2 whole roasted chickens, with some veg, gravy, and salad. Other than a little glich of swapping fridges I thought it all went well! Thanks to my fam for coming over and christening 'our' place :)
a couple random tid bits - here goes: I was having a low key weekend, Sunday morning I set my alarm to watch the Toronto Marathon runners run down our streeet...I was a little in awe and thought it was such a surreal experience. I can't say I have actually ever really watched runners...and I couldn't help but be so proud of everyone out there pounding the pavement accomplishing one of their life goals! Fair play!
....I joined TYC gym and LOVE it! I took my first boxing class on Tuesday and was still sore up until Saturday where I showed Chris a thing or two of my jabs and hooks. ha! They also have great yoga and spinning classes (and everything in between) anyone in the hood, totally recommend you join!
....recently tried Quinoa...a healthy alternative to rice! Lots of fibre and very nutritious and delicious...just an fyi from me to you.
alright peace out!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sara Ciantar

My cousin Sara has officially moved from Vancouver to Toronto!! She is uber talented and we have spent the entire weekend listening to her soulful voice and thinking how crazy it is that she doesn't have a song on the radio. So of course I have recorded one of her songs "Prairie Storm" and would love to share it with the world!! Anyone out there know how she can be found?!?! Did I mention she is amazing!! xo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Growing strong

This past weekend I took a train to meet up with Chris in Ottawa (lovely weekend)...on this 5 hour train ride I purchased 3 magazines that seemed to tie me over for at least half of the trip, however at one point we both my neighbour and I were twiddling our thumbs, she asked if she could read one of my mags, and so of course I said sure but I too would love to read hers. I read from cover to cover her Yoga Journal...I cant say I have ever read a yoga magazine but I totally enjoyed it. Anywho there was a article that resonated with of course I thought I would share (she let me rip it out for keepsake)
Growing Strong - A mother's yogic influence takes root in her daughter - Monette Chilson
As I sat next to my daughter in yoga class, listening to her chanting, I felt we were crossing a threshold in our relationship. At 13, she fluctuates daily between childhood and young adulthood. One minute she's calling me Mommy as she asks for my help, and the next she's rolling her eyes at what I'm wearing. But on this particular day, she was sitting with a remarkable degree of maturity, chanting Om with a serene and serious expression that brought tears to my eyes. We'd done yoga together in the past, but only now was she beginning to make it her own. With your children, no seed you plant is guaranteed to grow. Though I had been a dedicated yoga practitioner since long before she was born, I knew that didn't ensure that my way of life would rub off on her. I felt humbled and honored to sit beside my daughter as our voices of those around us, articulating divinity in this deep and primal way. In that moment, we shared an understanding of reverence for the Divine that simply wouldn't have been easy to access in a casual mother-daughter conversation.
I am thankful for that little taste of enlightenment and for the glimpse of the young woman my daughter is becoming. I can see the green shoots of the yogic seeds I've planted beginning to emerge from the rich soil of her soul . No matter what else she does in life, if she holds on to the core of her inner Self she will be fine.
~Though I don't have children this is somewhat how I felt when I saw and experienced my mom and girlfriends make yoga their own.