Thursday, July 31, 2008


Lately I have been looking for a blush that will actually stay on my cheeks longer than an hour...I feel that because I am already pretty tanned this summer that I should ex-nay on the bronzer look and go for more of a natural flushed look. So while I was at Sephora the other day I thought I would ask one of the beauty gals to help me out. They suggested a Cheek Stain by after going through all the colours I chose "Tipsy" (sheer coral-pink with a hint of white shimmer) - the one is the picture is a much bolder shade!! Any who I so far love the product and want to share it with others who are also looking for a similar product! Here are a few specs on what tarte flush is all about.
What it is: A natural-looking gel blush.
What it does: Tarte Cheek Stain is a water-based gel cheek tint that gives you a natural flush—exactly like someone just pinched your cheeks! This formula is alcohol-free so it won't dry your skin and it's also oil-free so it won't clog your pores. Plus, it contains Skinvigorating™ ingredients like a T5 Super Fruit Complex™—pure water to help skin retain moisture and mineral-derived pigments known for their soothing and softening properties.
Ps. Happy Birthday to Zarine! May you smile and laugh every day this year!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


As we are starting to climb the ladder in the amount of distance we run per week, I seem to become a little more conscience of my health and my efforts to remain 'sick-free' ... so that I can continue on the climb. For the last little while I have started to take my multi-vitamin regularly. Since then I have been asking around as to what else I should be taking, or not taking. I first want to mention that I have bought MANY vitamins over the year, and most times I come down with some sort of illness, after I take the new vitamin for a week. Most say it's all psychological...but I would have to disagree! Anywho of all the millions I have taken over the years, Progressives have been the only ones where I have felt healthier while remaining constant with them. So to all of you out there still looking for a multi-vitamin, I would totally recommend Progressives. The one I take is for 'Active Women', but there are different levels and doses that match up with an individuals lifestyle. I know that you can get all your nutrition from the food you eat, however, I just have a better peace of mind when I get that added boost of you never know, the ingredients in your vitamins may help you combat a future illness! Here are some of the benefits to the ingrediants in my vitamins (ps. I am only making a product plug from the kindness of my heart and speak only truth):
Combat Stress & Fatigue - additional B vitamins and higher potencies of the entire vitamin C family help to combat the increased stress levels associated with an active lifestyle. Glutathione, calcium, and magnesium also assist in supporting adrenal function and reducing fatigue.
Increased Oxygen Uptake - malic acid, coenzyme Q10 and ginkgo biloba all contribute to greater oxygen uptake, which improves energy production and enhances performance, stamina and endurance.
Electrolyte Replacement - potassium, calcium, magnesium and sea salt take part in replacing and balancing the minerals and electrolytes lost through strenuous activity.
Antioxidant Support - additional vitamin A,C,E, coenzyme Q-10, selenium, as well as added alpha lipoic acid and grape seed extract help to neutralize the damage from exposure to free radicals.
Greater Recuperation - N-acetyl cysteine, phosphatidyl serine and L-glutamine help to minimize recovery time after exercise. They also aid in the repair and maintenance of muscle tone.
You can find additional product information on their website:
The company is also Canadian! It's nice to represent!
(I also am now taking Progressives Fish Oil Capsules, vit. D, and Ester C....but I will get into those at a later date!)
Ps. You can find this vitamin at Popeyes and or Whole Foods in Oakville (just to name a few)

Monday, July 28, 2008

A wonderful weekend

Well this weekend turned out to be fantastic!  Josie and Dave got married! After getting my highlights done (way over due!) on Saturday, we made our way to Niagara on the Lake to meet up with Erin, Cam, Lyndon, Heather, and Estelle (missing Angela, Jason & Irene tho).... to attend the Burroughs-Agro's so nice to celebrate your friends happiness especially in a group. I am an emotional wreck at weddings...there is just something about listening to and seeing so much happiness, especially when it's a close friend. Josie looked glamorous in her dress, and of course Dave looked pretty sharp too. After they said their "I Do's", we then headed to the Hilton in Niagara Falls. The reception was a great time, and everything was very well planned out and so much fun! So cheers to Josie and Dave.... May your love be modern enough to survive the times, yet old fashion enough to last forever!
ps. Katie and I ran 22km today...enough said!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This 'n that

In the last 24 hours a few momentous events/moments occurred that of course I wanted to share....
1. Yesterday Angela and Jason welcomed into the world their adorable baby girl: Irene Rose Santos. I can only imagine in a couple years Estelle and Irene becoming the 'it' girls of Oakville ;) Welcome baby Irene...I am so excited to have another girl to add to our circle.
2. Yesterday I officially signed up for the Toronto Marathon (yes I know crazy), but it is somewhat of an addiction, and I have pulled Katie in with me! We have been training for a couple weeks now, and though the humidity and heat has disappeared a touch, summer running is proving to be somewhat of a challenge! ...but here we go, on Sunday October 19th Box and I will be hitting the streets of the!
3. Drum roll please....yesterday as Heather and I were getting ready to go to the hospital we decided to meet at Sherway...and a bunch of stuff went down. I got a sick Hobo Carly Coach bag (compliments of my parents for my bday and crazy hook ups by Heather), annnnd Heather joined a club I hope to one day be a part of and purchased her first fabulous red soled shoes - Louboutin's (Heather and Holly give me 3-5 years and I will be there to represent!)
4. Andrew and I are officially on the board...after subscribing to lotto 649 tickets in February we have finally hit some good luck and recieved our first winnings - we won $10 ... oh yeah! It can only go up right? You gotta' believe...
4. And finally today marked the day when I got to say to Andrew before he went to bed..."SEE YOU TOMORROW!"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Amos Lee

The other day I stumbled across some new music (well new music to me)....Amos Lee. I listened to a couple of his songs and became an instant fan. The perfect type of music I am always looking for...peaceful, soul-full with a bit of a jazzy-blues and country feel to it. I have added his music to my play list....two of my fav songs so far are Southern Girl and In the Arms of a Woman. I definitely recommend downloading his music, or should I dare say make a trip to your nearest record shop to purchase some tracks!
Ps. My thoughts are with Angela she becomes a mother!
Pps. Had a wonderful meal with Katie and Paul tonight at Via Allegro...amazing food and company. Can't say my student teacher wallet appreciated it ;)
Ppps. 4 more sleeps for Josie and Dave...they are getting Married this weekend!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ways to Lower Your Resting Heart Rate

Tid bits from John Tesh. (Yes I am showing my 90 yrs old side....but I do like the odd John Tesh newsletter, especially when it has to do with thought I would share to help everyone stay heart healthy!)

If you want to lower your risk of a heart attack, it’s easy. Just lower your resting heart rate! That’s how fast your heart beats when you’re sitting quietly. According to Italian researchers, having a resting heart rate above 70 beats per minute increases your risk of dying of heart disease by at least 78%. So, how can you find your resting heartbeat? Before you get out of bed in the morning, take your pulse – and count the beats for one minute. Do that for three days, and figure the average. If it’s above 70 beats per minute, here’s how to help your heart beat more slowly, courtesy of Rodale Publishing.
  • Increase the intensity of your cardio. In other words, run hard, don’t just jog. Exercise increases your heart’s efficiency – reducing the number of heartbeats needed to keep your blood flowing, and varying the pace can cause a 10% increase in the volume of blood your heart pumps with each beat. So, three times a week, run for half an hour, alternating four minutes at 90% of your maximum heart rate with three minutes at 70%.
  • Sleep more soundly. Australian researchers woke sleeping volunteers with loud noises multiple times during the night. Each time, their heart rates jumped 13 beats per minute. So if your neighbours, or your snoring spouse, constantly waken you, try earplugs!
  • Don’t try to “hold it”. In other words, if you’ve gotta go – go. Researchers in Taiwan studied people with heart disease and found that having a full bladder stresses your entire circulatory system, and raises your heart rate by about nine beats per minute.
  • Get a massage. Relaxation techniques reduce the production of the stress hormones that make your heart race when you’re scared or in danger. A study in Britain found that volunteers who received an hour of reflexology – a type of foot massage – had resting heart rates that averaged eight beats per minute slower than those who didn’t get a massage. (Well you don’t need to tell me twice!! I just need to find the funds)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Journey to the Heart

Let the Universe Lead the Way
Feel and see how the life force, the heartbeat of the universe, leads you on, guides you, takes you on the way. Yes, there are times when we need to march forward, muster up our willpower, and grind through the motions. But those times are transitory. And that's not the magical way we're living now. Even when we stop, doubt, wonder, get tired, and confused, the universe is there to revitalize us, move us along our path and lead the way.
If you're tired, rest. If you're sad, cry. If you're thirsty, take a long, cold drink of water. If you feel hopeless, feel that. Feel it until clarity, desire, hope and meaning break through. You don't have to trudge through on willpower, not any longer. You do not have to push your way through.
Rest until you feel healed, then gently go forward. Let the universe assist you. Open your eyes, the eyes of your soul, and see where to go. Feel where to go. Sense what to do next. See how the magical power of the universe carries you along, even when you get tired, even when you get confused. You are connected - to yourself, to the universal life force, to God (Or to what you believe in).
Quiet the chatter of your mind. Renew your body. Replenish your soul. Take all the healing energy of the world around you. Then let the universe lead the way.
(Author: Melody Beattie)
My yoga instructor sporadically reads excerpts from Journey to the Heart, and of course I picked up my copy and love to share some of the daily above is an entry from over the weekend.
Ps. Happy Birthday Heather! Hope you're having a fabulous day with your hubby and daughter!

Friday, July 11, 2008

You Either Have It Or You Don't

...and I do not have it! What I am talking about is the ability to walk into any Winners store and find a gem in the rough. Over the years I have commented on nice purchases that friends have bought, and when they reply "Winners", I immediately forget how much of a failure I am there, and make my way over to the nearest then remember right away as I walk through the door that I NEVER find anything there!! I make a promise to myself after every visit to stop wasting my time and restrain myself from the inevitable disappointment!! My friend Heather definitely has it, and in her presence I found my sweet black 'book bag/purse/work bag' and on another occasion (on my own) I did find my wallet of the present moment, a wallet I love...however over 28 years that is all I have found (of course the odd bundle of work out socks which I do not include)! This past weekend Dave's girlfriend Cassandra had an awesome sun dress on that I fell in love with...and low and behold she bought it at Winners (of course). Since last weekend I have been to 5 Winner locations; including Newmarket...and my mom even went to the Barrie store to hunt for the dress...and of course 2 of the 6 stores only had Larges left, and the other 4 showed no sign the dress was ever hoo!! So this is my promise to myself, I will not go into Winners again unless I am with someone who "has it!".
Ps. On my way up to the cottage I just so happened to make my way to Newmarket where they have one of the greatest shopping centres (FYI for those that need a break from the lovely cottage drives) this mall is the BEST Forever 21(my fav store!) is huge with lots and lots of selection. For those of you who have yet to be a fan, please note that 85% of the store is pretty tacky and unwearable, however it's the remaining 15% that makes it all worth while! I always leave with sweet finds (unlike at my foe Winners)!

Monday, July 7, 2008

My First Triathlon

This past Saturday July 5th I competed in my first sprint triathlon...and it was hands down an amazing experience! Though I really couldn't function the night before as I was super nervous, I am so happy that I signed up and achieved a goal of mine! Drum roll please...I came in 2nd place in my age category and 6th woman overall. Crazy!! The hardest part for me was the swimming (750m swim = 30 lengths of a pool)...I love to swim, but to swim with people kicking you and swimming on top of you was a bit challenging, also to swim in the open water...but as I approached the beach at the end of the swim I couldn't help but enjoy that I challenged myself to something that I wasn't quite use to. The biking was another amazing experience, especially to see everyone in the same jerseys biking the highways of Muskoka...since I have trained up north, i was use to the hills and to longer rides, so 20km was a perfect distance, plus of all 3 sports, I am the strongest in biking! Once I came into the transition point and changed into my running shoes I was off again to run 5km...thank goodness I have been running a lot lately as I think at this point my body was finally asking "what are you doing?" It took 1km to get the lead feeling out of my legs, but then I was off again and knew 5km was a nice enough distance but not too long! I finished the triathlon in: 1:27:39 (Swim: 17:01 Bike: 43:35 Run: 27:04). I totally recommend competing in a sprint triathlon to anyone who is looking for a challenge and to see what a triathlon is all about. "Amazing things happen when you tri!" and it was definitely an event that has changed me....when can I do that again?
pps. Thank you to my mom and sister who were there to support me and cheer me on!! It wouldn't have been the same without you guys!
ps. Joe's Team raised close to $500,000 on Saturday! Funds raised by Joe’s Team benefit The Joe’s Team Fund supporting the head and neck translational research program at The Princess Margaret.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Book Reviews

Well this past weekend (4 day holiday), I picked up and threw down 3 books...well one was about to finish, the other was an easy peazy read and the third was an audio tape I finished listening to today...but hey all 3 are legit! Here are my reviews for anyone who is looking for a summer read or two.
1. The Forgotten Garden ~ Kate Morton (4 Stars) I truly enjoyed this book. While I was in Ireland I went to my most favourite book store on Grafton; a tiny shop with the best window displays....and every time I purchase their recommendations I am always's a bit of a clunker in that it's 642 pages..but I got through it and was happy with the ending. It's based on the lives of Rose, Eliza, Nell and Cassandra and how their pasts affects each other. The novel is broken down into 3 plots all intertwined occurring in 1913, 1975 and 2005.
2. The Gatecrasher ~Madeleine Wickham (4 stars) This book I read cover to cover over the weekend, and felt it was very entertaining! Though I usually enjoy novels, even if they are chick-lit, that I can some what relate to, and understand...I didn't have that feeling with this one, however it was super entertaining and I feel as if a movie will follow. I recommend the Gatecrasher if you are looking for a light hearted read! Same author as the Shopaholic Series (expect the same sort of story)
3. Love The One You're With ~ Emily Giffin (3 stars) Finally the third book of the weekend...and this time I thought I would change it up and go audio style. As I was trekking up to the cottage on Friday evening I started to enjoy silence over the after it took me 2 hours to get to Barrie I thought it be best to stop by Chapters and pick up an audio book (went back to my roots as a sales rep), and had an additional 2 hours of driving to go = 4 hour car ride to the cottage - lovely! Before I go into the book, I just want to say that I totally recommend listening to novels via the car stereo. It's very calming and a nice change of pace. Love the One You're With is (I believe) the fourth novel by Emily Giffin...or at least the 4th book most girls have read (Baby Proof, Something Borrowed, Something Blue...). Though I quite enjoyed the other novels, I didn't have the same opinion about this one. It was basically about a girl named Ellen who is in a perfect relationship...but always thinks about the 'One' that got away. Without giving too much away, I just didn't really find the story believable...I don't know, how can Ellen be so caught up over Leo when she only dated him a year? Oh well I guess it's supposed to appeal to all ages. Any who so that's my reviews in a nutshell. I am looking for a new read for the next few weeks so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know. Alright time to pack for the cottage and for my race (oh my gosh!!).

The course

It's called a "Sprint" Triathlon...but I will be trying to survive it over sprinting it! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Amazing Things Happen When you Tri

Saturday, July 5, 2008
CNIB Lake Joseph Centre, Muskoka, Ontario
Well it's official....I will be competing in my first triathlon this weekend in Muskoka (besides tri tri's in Uni). I signed up this morning after having an amazing ride yesterday, and every time I think about it I get super nervous! As I am a huge fan of setting personal goals and achieving them, I knew that if I didn't sign up right when I had the chance that the summer would probably get away from here goes nothing! Not only will it be an extraordinary day for me, but The Joe's Team and I will be joining 400 athletes and The Princess Margaret as we TRI to conquer cancer, in our lifetime. It will be an amazing day where we will swim, bike and run our way to two victories: The individual triumph that awaits me at the finish line and the community triumph that will see $600,000 benefit The Joe’s Team Fund supporting the head and neck translational research program at The Princess Margaret. As I signed up last minute I have been unable to raise funds and donate to the please visit and check out the cause, and donate if you can! In 2004, Joe Finley (a fellow Lake Joe member) began a difficult fight with cancer, a battle that he is very much fighting today. Despite the physical and emotional toll of an extremely aggressive cancer treatment (or perhaps, some say, because of it), Joe fulfilled a life-long objective in August 2006 – he completed his first triathlon.Crossing the finish line was just the beginning for Joe. He has now teamed up with The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation to create “Joe’s Team”, an innovative cancer fundraising initiative. Wish me luck!! Go Team Joe! Ps. I hope I am not the only one not able to swim in a straight line! Breast stroke anyone?
The human spirit is a powerful thing. It can show us how exceptional we can be as individuals – and how extraordinary we can be as a community. -

Joe's Team: Inspirational Video