Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

I love this picture! If I could have a get together with all my closest girl friends for a glass of wine, this would be the kind of spot I would like to re-create for our gathering :)
ps. Happy Anniversary to Josie and Dave
pps. yes I am procrastinating!! I don't want to do my online more week!!

My checklist

I realized over the weekend that I do not have any concrete goals. I have things I want to achieve, but nothing I have really given myself a timeline for. I think because over the past year or so I accomplished lifelong goals of mine and I have been over the moon about them. But now is the time I am ready to write down some more goals...I've always been told, if you don't sit down, reflect, and write down your goals, you will never be accountable for achieving them. So here goes...within the next 5 years or less I will (in no particular order):
1. Complete a long course Triathlon (or more than 1)
2. Become debt free - yes career changes can do that
3. Climb to base camp or higher on Mt. Everest
4. Get my yoga instructor level 1 certificate
5. Achieve an A4 status in teaching
6. Raise $2,500 or more for the Ride to Conquer Cancer (June 2011) and of course participate in the event (Team Hope)
Wish me luck!! I can, and I me ;)
"The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching our goals,
The tragedy of life is not having goals to reach for."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recharge your battery

Rest when you're tired. Take a break when life stales. Take time to recharge your battery.
Energy isn't something you have - it's something you are. To give and give and give, to put out without taking in, depletes your battery. It drains you, runs you down. Running on a low battery is no longer necessary, because now we know how to live differently.
Taking time to rest, renew, and refresh yourself isnt wasted time. Recharge. Choose what energizes you. Nature. A song. The voice of a friend. A nap. A hot bath. A cup of tea. A favourite program. A movie that makes you laugh or cry. A walk. A run. A prayer. A poem. A book that speaks to your soul.
Actions that emerge from an energized source are easier,
go further, accomplish more. Let your work and love come from a vital spirit.
- journey to the heart

Being injured is soo hard for me! I have been able to workout, do yoga, or even go for a walk since Sunday...I haven't even gone to work. Chris sent me a text to say let myself rest and re-charge...and though that sounds easy...for me it is near impossible! My body feeds off the action of doing things. I need to keep saying..."just let yourself heal" argh!!

Kim's weekend!

So this past weekend a bunch of us gals celebrated Kim's bachlorette! What an amazing weekend, celebrated by such amazing females. I love hanging out with some of my best friends, but also love meeting and getting to know the important females in Kim's life. We all had so much fun, and really got to share thoughts, feelings, dancing and cocktails with each other. Friday night we of course started the weekend off at the Kim's parents house (hands down best house in Mississauga), with some amazing food, wine, bon fires, dancing, pin the..., questions& more questions, discussions, and strolls along the water. Fab then wake up after our slumber party in her parents room, to have again some more fab food, a walk through jack darling, a jog, to then slowly get ourselves ready for a night on the town! After our sketch limo ride, we made it to Nood (totally recommend) on Queen West, where some other gals were awaiting Kim's arrival. After a delish din we then holla'd a cabbie to Ultra...and this is where life went down hill for me :( For the majority of the night, things were lots of fun, we were all catching up, enjoying our company, to then realize there is a dance floor on the main level. holla! We danced our hearts away, for a little while, and then I decided to join my fellow dancers up on this run way sort of thing...and CRASH!! I didn't quite make it up, and landed on my back (yes I was that girl!). I have the largest bruise I have EVER seen, and have yet to be able to walk/sit/stand normally. Argh!!! I went to the Chiropractor for the first time on Monday to get an adjustment, acupuncture and some sort of electrical current, and I still have not seen improvement - the doctor even said I did quite a number on myself. I go again today at 5. Cross your fingers! This year has officially been the year of injuries. I think it's my body telling me I am no longer in my 20's. So here's to a speedy recovery! This pain I am feeling is a night mare. boo hoo!!!
ps. Kim, Liz and Cathy! Thanks for an amazing weekend! (Despite my mis-hap!!). Can't wait for September!

Friday, July 16, 2010

tid bits

sorry for the lack of posting. I have a desk job for July (which I am so grateful for) and am doing an online course during my 'spare' time (ha!). So my computer hasn't seen any personal loving. But today I have the day off, and before I jump into my online assignments thought I would share a couple tid bits (also am seriously procrastinating).
1. Happy Birthday Heather!!
2. I did my first day of P90x yesterday (Chest, back and Ab ripper) with Chris as my cheer leader...and this morning I woke up very tender! argh! You think you are in shape, but when you do something other than biking, yoga, and running you get a little bit of a wake up call. Today will be day 2 - Plyometrics?!? As long as I don't have to do any more push ups I should be fine?!?!
3. TEAM HOPE is up to 6 official participants...with a couple in the works! You don't have to be an experienced biker to join. So any of you who are thinking they would love to, but just don't think they are ready...then join us!! why not?!?! It's going to be an experience to remember!
4. Kim's Bachelorette weekend starts tonight!! Can't wait!
5. Alert: For all you shoppers out there, I need a yellow or gold dress...if any of you see any cute ones please send me some info on where I can go to scope it out!
6. Went to TOPSHOP yesterday on Ossington. Not what I hoped. Give it a 5/10. And by the way I am a serioud topshop fan so for me to say that says a lot. Boo hoo!
7. Though it's been some time since my yoga weekend...I just want to say it took yoga to a new level for me. It was a weekend to reflect and definitely a weekend to get your ass kicked. I would do it all again...and hope I will be able to but perhaps next summer I will do the week long bootcamp in NY? hmm
ok time to sign off, get my assignments over with and get ready for this eve and the rest of the weekend. xo

Friday, July 2, 2010

there's always a first

This morning my mom and I did our first live (always done his tapes) Baron Baptiste class at PYC...and it was great!! I then somehow got convinced my my mom to stick around on the lovely long weekend and attend the Yoga Foundations in Action Workshop being held in Toronto at the Westin this weekend. Sure why not?!?! So with a little bit of sponsoring, I will be attending and spending the weekend doing yoga. oh dear! Tonight is a 2 hour meeting, followed by Saturday doing yoga and additional 'stuff" from 8am - 9pm and Sunday from 8am - 6:30pm. We are last minute joiners so for any of you out there who would like to come visit: or to check out more information. hope to see you there! namaste :s