Thursday, January 25, 2007

Random Thoughts by Erin Bryce

1. The obsession continues...I could do Yoga everyday, well almost everyday. This past weekend Heather and I went to a super hard class on Saturday and I absolutely loved it. Couldn't do alot of the poses but I defiantly tried hard at all of them! Then Sunday I went to a super hot class and was spent on Monday. Yesterday however, I was VERY disappointed in the class and it made me realize I won't settle for a beginner sort of class (Heather and I are now pros I have to it's pricey to not enjoy) So that's my tid bit on yoga. ?!?!

2. I heard an interesting fact on the radio as I made my hour long trek home from work today. I don't remember what station I was listening to, as I tend to be a channel surfer...but a dj was speaking about a book called "Act Thin, Stay Thin". I'm not really into diets or listening about all the different theories as I believe all in moderation and try to be active everyday...however it was kind of interesting. The 3 simple ways to act thin and stay thin are to: a) Listen to soft music while you eat - theory is that it will slow you down when you eat b) add an extra 30 mins to your sleep - the more tired you are the more you crave high carb meals and lots of sugar - I hear you on that one! and finally c) Look at something pink - I was like "pardon me", but supposedly pink is a calming colour and when you are calm you tend not to eat so much ?!?!

3. Grey's anatomy: I don't think I can handle 2 marriage proposals in one night!! ummm hello! That show is AMAZING!! Tonight was the best one in a long time, and thanks to PVR (aka Tivo) I will be able to watch it over and over!

4. It's great to have friends close by. I was in a little bit of a bind last night, and at 9:00pm i realized I needed something printed in colour ASAP because my printer was down. So I mossied on over the the Rice/Swing resident in my PJ's and all and after a couple tries was able to print off the document i needed. Also while I was there Heather and I did a little shopping. Of course. We found the cream we soooo love from yoga classes and ordered a bottle for both of us....and of course couldn't resist the anti-stress pillow spray. ha!! If anyone is looking for an amazing anti-stress/muscle relaxing cream than Earth Therapeutics - Anti Stress cream is the number one choice!! Now we just have to wait for it to arrive from Florida via Bob and Brenda

Well that's all folks. I am off to Heather's family cottage this weekend. Going to be H&L and M&C and little old me the 5th wheel! That's ok I can handle it!! Can't wait to get-a-way! Oh ya ps. Loblaws Company Ltd's head office is AMAZING!! If anyone is looking for a job, apply there!!! Adios! pps. Just finished reading "The Kite Runner". Really good! I give it a 4.5 star out of 5.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Blue Monday

So today is officially the most depressing day of the my sources at 99.9 say. No wonder when I woke up today I hit the alarm 100x's and cursed at the fact it was so dark out and Monday morning already. The reason why today is Blue Monday is the idea that this is the time when people have broken their new years resolution, got their Visa/MC statements in the mail from Christmas, and overall a lull in terms of no happy thoughts and nothing to look forward to. I somewhat agree to the definition of today...but I think it's just January in general that's crappy. Why does anyone live in a country that makes it unbearable to go outside as it is freezing!! Everyone should live in a climate that allows them to walk on the beach, ride your bike, go running with shorts and a t-shirt on, and walk outside without a jacket all year long?? hmmm...good question!! It is only now that I realize we shouldn't be counting down the days until summer, but rather we should be experiencing summer all year round. So how do I make that happen? (I think I would miss friends and family too much to leave!)

PS. For those of you who know the story about my car situation on Friday... everything is
A-O-K! Thank god!! Now I don't have to stress about my new Caplet that I bought on Saturday at the Now or Never Sale at Holt's.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

South Africa...a perfect vacation!

I just wanted to share a few pics...I will share my adventures soon!! xo