Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Secret Santa

Yesterday was defiantly a day for Christmas celebrations! I had 2 secret Santa exchanges! First at work, where 10 or so of us opened gifts and ate fajitas! I got a bottle of rum and egg nogg...hmm interesting choice I was a boy who bought for me. None the less it was fun opening gifts and sharing in the excitement of the holidays. Then in the evening it was over to Heather's where the Sheridan girls all met up for some yummy dinner and amazing desserts. It's always so much fun meeting up, we always have soo much to talk about....and Josie you are right 2007 is going to be an amazing year...maybe even a year where J&D and E&C will get married and H&L and A&J will have kids...hmmm!! I think that is a grrreat plan! As for the secret Santa portion of the night...Erin had me and I got some great gifts!! I love how we are all getting to know each other so much better that we know exactly what to get each other! Any who I am off to do some work. 1.5 more days until the holidays!
ps. Great minds think a like, as Jen & Kim were getting manicures and pedicures yesterday I was heading to the same place! My nails are all nice and pretty for when i go away.
ppss. Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The week before Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is this weekend!! WOW!! ...and that I will be in South Africa this weekend? Cause I can't believe it!! It will have been over 2 months since Andrew and I have seen one another (and of course I will just have come off the longest flight ever looking terrible for our reunion!) ... but it's all good cause the South African sun will create a nice glow...i hope. hehe! Any who so needless to say I am super excited!! I just have to figure out what to pack?? (have been warned several times..."pack light Erin!!"...but how will all the pressies fit?")
This weekend was another busy weekend...I just love this time of year! Friday Jen and I went to the movies and saw Blood Diamond...great movie!! Best one of the year so far, well other than Devil Wears Prada ;) ... I just also found out the movie was based on the Diamond company "DaBeers" all of those in the market for a sparkly diamond do not go to DaBeers!! The movie defiantly opened my eyes to a very serious problem in Africa, and hopefully one day soon this problem will become obsolete!
Saturday I went to hot yoga with my mom, and Katie was there...I have transformed my mom into a yogian...she's a little bit of a preacher right now, but she did great!! Then I went to Winterchill with the Western crowd. It's great to have Jen home!! She was for sure missed!! (did i tell you she loves Ireland? is that possible...hmmmm) Heather and Marissa also joined the event! We headed to Casey's afterwards where we made the cabbie stop at McD's...oh my gosh! I haven't been there in forever, but at 3am I ate my fries like no other! Also did I mention our cab ride cost over $80? Clearly we thought we were getting a free ride! Highlight of the night, Casey solved my problem for a secret Santa gift I have been searching for the last few weeks. What do you buy a 30 year old male for $15 that you barely know? A gumball machine...Casey just happened to have a spare.
Sunday was spent with family/Nadeau's at Credit Valley where we had a nice brunch and exchanged gifts. I got a very nice bracelet from a Canadian designer. I have to find the link for the company, but I will post it when i can. All the girls stuff is very pretty!! As we were all sitting around talking around the fire it felt as if something was missing...what's Christmas without your grandparents! They will be forever missed!!
Tomorrow is Secret Santa at lunch and one with the girls for dinner. I'll let you all know how is goes.
Christmas song of the week: Mariah Carey "All I want for Christmas" - very suitable for me :)
ps. sorry for the large photo! I tried to re-size it but it kept warping our faces!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I love when it's Sunday night, and you feel as if Friday (work) felt so long if the weekend was longer than 2 days. However, then you realize that it's Sunday night and the alarm clock will be ringing Monday morning before you know it.

This weekend was a busy weekend, as they are all getting to be around this time of year. Friday I think I did as much as one can do in day. Started off at work, of course, and then I rushed home where I had a hair apt with Renee at Venere...and let me tell you, she was recommended by Heather, and I love her! I'm one of those people were I detest having someone blow dry my hair as they usually either make it stick straight or kind of all over the place and puffy...but Renee does it perfectly! She added some beautiful curls in my hair! Why can't i have hair like that everyday? Anywho the day then continued on and I rushed to my parents Christmas work party (with my bouncing curls) and had a nice dinner at Johnathon's...were my date Josie met up to join us. Josie and I then headed to the movies to see Holiday. It was a very cute movie! I do recommend it...however...please stop reading if you haven't seen the movie! I didn't enjoy the ending. I think it's because I could relate to Cameron Diaz and Jude Laws story (being in a relationship with someone who lives in another country) ... they fell so in love with each other...but the audience never found out who and where the couple would live and how they would work it out...come on, i need to know these details! I then went home where I found a couple party animals blaring music as if Elton John himself was playing a concert in our house. At least I know my parents aren't afraid to let loose. Hehe!

Saturday I went to hot was a great class! I felt very tuned in...maybe I am moving to the next level in my practice ? Saturday night Amie had people over, and it was nice to catch up with people, and especially not have to trek it into Toronto!

Sorry for rambling about my weekend...but hey why not share the details? Today I went to Sherway with my mom where she bought me some new boots...Christmas pressy...and I love them!! I will try and take a picture and post them...I am a proud owner! We then had a Christmas gathering at my parents place where all the neighbours came over...sometimes its so interesting speaking to people you've never really met...sometimes. I then capped the night off watching Amazing Race. The male models won! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. I would think that might just be the best experience one could have...travelling the world while challenging yourself and working as a team! It shows real personality! Andy and I would definitely win..of course :)

Ps. When did everyone become so grown up?

Pps. Not a Christmas song...but favourite song today "I call it love" Lionel Richie - I know I am turning 40 tomorrow

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Out of all the years I have had my drivers license I have never had a problem with having to worry about maintenance of a car....however when the time came that I decided to buy my own car and be the 'parent' to my new wheels...I find a massive screw nailed into my tire!! Whaa! Now I have to go to Canadian Tire and ask Dr. Fix it to patch up the injury :(
Christmas song of the day: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer - Saw a reindeer on Ellen!! Made me think of the song. Radio stations need to step up the playing of Christmas songs...I am constantly searching through all the channels to find some christmas'y music. Might have to buy the new Sarah McLaughlin Christmas Cd.

ps. Today I had a "such a small world" experience, it is so true that everyone in the world is connected by 6 degrees.
pps. flowers from andy...r.i.p pretty flowers...all i have is a picture..hint hint!

Monday, December 4, 2006


Monday night = Fusion night!
For the last month or so I have been a frequent yoga'ian (not a word I know) at Fusion, a class at Moksha Yoga. I have been going to Moksha for a couple years now, but always go to hot yoga; as I feel the classes are pretty pricey so I am not just paying for the yoga practice but for the heat as well. Anywho, Box mentioned that she goes to Monday night Fusion class (not hot...but gets warm), so I thought I would go with her....and I am now hooked! We do the craziest things in that class...from balancing on our hands with one leg going one way and the other the opposite way to handstands and wheel's great! I definatley feel stronger and more flexible (still working on my my stubborn hips though) I also love the instructors opening comments and the special cream she massages on everyone at the end.
I suggest everyone give it a try: came with me tonight (she was great)...Josie you are next!!
Christmas song of the day: "Mary Did You Know" Kenny Rogers & Winona Judd

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Christmas Month

It's's December: Christmas month!

Last week it totally didn't feel as if it was even close to being Christmas...well I guess it kind of did; Starbucks did have all their decorations up and "holiday"coffee cups in use; Oakville's lights were all up and looking pretty, but I didn't have the feeling you get when you know Christmas is approaching! However, this weekend made it official....Friday night was Mosaic' Christmas party, I do admit I wasn't the most eager to go, but with my date (Jodie) by my side we decided to let loose and take advantage of the great night! It was at Liberty Grand (such a beautiful building...I could see future events happening there), in the Centennial room. It was nice to get to know people I work with on a more personal level. During the night, a comedian came out to entertain the group, I was a little sketchy about the idea of having a comedian...but once he got started I couldn't stop laughing my head off...he certainly had Bryce humour, as both Jodie and I were laughing harder than anyone else. HA! The night then continued on with a little dancing, ok a lot of dancing, and it was hilarious to see my boss out on the dance floor busting a groove! We then decided to continue the night at a bar, so with centre piece in hand (Jodie won), we left the party and went to Moro (where Booby ball was held) but didn't get in, for lack of hoo; so Jodie and I went back to her place, where I fell asleep on her couch still with dress and jacket on..oops.

Saturday, bryce sisters decided to go to the Christmas"One of the Kind Craft Show"...I was a little hesitant at the beginning as I heard it wasn't anything special this year, but since it is a tradition, we went anyways...and absolutely loved it!! I wont go into too much detail, but it was amazing to see all of the Canadian designers...and maybe one day I will set up a booth and join my fellow artisans! The highlight of the show was a booth called Luved that we stumbled across. Her stuff was amazing!! Jodie and I both bought a sweater. (Shown in picture...i got an emerald colour one)

Some other booths people should check out: and

To continue the Christmas spirit weekend, Saturday night, I went to Christina's beautiful apartment (fully decorated with Christmas decorations...Mrs. Winkels is known for her holiday spirit) where we caught up on things, and went to see Jason Collett play at Lee's Palace. He was very good, defiantly will be downloading his music.

I do feel this is getting to be too long of an I will wrap it up!

Today was spent listening to Christmas music and cleaning (mom and dad don't houses clean by themselves??). One thing about my dad he sure does know his Christmas music.

Christmas Song/artists of the day: Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (any of their songs will do...strongest memory of Christmas...listening to their record over and over parents wouldn't have it any other way)'s about time

So how should I start and what should I say?
I guess I should share my reasons for starting a blog.
Growing up I always carried with me journals and "nothing books", it was a way for me to write down and express my feelings and thoughts, but also to be a little creative. In the last few years I grew out out of this daily routine, or maybe just became a little lazy...but I feel at this time in my life I ready to begin again... from this day forward I will begin to share tid bits about this n' that.
xo erin
ps. Please be patient while I try and figure out the ways of a blog...
pps. I also need to give honerable mentions to I am a daily visitor of her two pennies and always look forward to when she has a new posting :)