Saturday, March 27, 2010

to spelt or not to spelt

Soo I've always had this fascination about why people choose to eat something over another. Thursday night I went out with a friend to have some great food at Pizzeria Libretto on friend proceeded to tell me that she loves going to Libretto because you can have spelt pizza. Spelt eh? I asked. I've of course heard of it, but was never one to ask about the benefits and why choose spelt over wheat...always just thought it was for carb conscious people. Also took a trip today to Wholefoods and saw again rows and rows of spelt made food. So here goes: Spelt is an ancient grain that was grown in Ancient Egypt more than nine thousand years ago.
  • Spelt contains large amounts of the anti carcinoma B17, which helps the body fight against cancer.
  • Spelt is easily digested. Being highly water-soluble spelt nutrients are made available to us with a minimum of digestive work. This allows our body cells to be quickly nourished and strengthened for optimum performance. Wheat in comparison is difficult to digest and can cause many to feel bloated.
  • Spelt contains special carbohydrates which play a decisive role in stimulating the bodies immune system. As a result spelt is now being used in the treatment of chronic infections including herpes and aids.
  • Spelt is very high in crude fibre, much higher than wheat, and is responsible for a clean and healthy digestive tract.
  • In wheat the vital nutrients are contained in the bran and wheat germ which are usually removed in the production of flour. In spelt these vital nutrients are contained throughout the grain and are not lost in the milling process.
  • Spelt is a low allergy grain and can make a good replacement for wheat.

Your Destiny is Now

The train seemed to move endlessly toward the horizon as I drove along beside it. To me, trains symbolize destiny. For a long time, the concept of destiny confused me. I wondered how to find my destiny. I hoped I had one. I wondered what it would feel like when I got there. But destiny doesn't bewilder me anymore. I enjoy seeing trains.
Destiny isn't some distant place, or a peak of fame and fortune. Destiny isn't one moment in our lives, one time when we shine for all the world to see. Those moments are nice, if they come. But there's more to destiny than that.
Destiny is now. Destiny is each moment of our lives, shining through, linking together, like the endless cars on the train. Destiny means embracing each moment, being present for it, cherishing it because it is our now. Whether it holds exhilaration, discovery, sadness, tough decisions, confusion, or tender love, each moment is our destiny. These moments of destiny link together in an endless chain to become our lives.
Let yourself live and be in each moment,
with each person, learning each lesson along the way.
Destiny isn't someplace we go.
Destiny is where we are.
~ Journey to the Heart
ps. Happy Birthday to Nicole and Hennum (aka Mommy Christina Biles!). Enjoy a night of celebrations and a year of dreams come true!
pps. Tackling a 30k race tomorrow - ATB - Around the Bay here I come!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

compliments of...

Sarah hope you don't mind?!? I just love this quote by bobby m! ps. last entry of the day...eyes are going crosseyed!

Liberty of London

Liberty of London at Target
Well back from reality...and of course a little mesmerized by how quickly a week can go by! I love being in sure is the life! As Jodie, Mitchell and I were arriving home we couldn't help but do the ol 'why do we live here again'?!? C'est la vie! Anywho a very nice week away...when can I go again?
Sooo while I was visiting the 365 fashion rehab website...that is supose to steer one clear of shopping...I found and find, they seem to do the opposite! Everytime I see something that is their "lust have" of the week, I am always like...oooh ya I like that too! Exhibit A: Liberty of London. Never even heard of that company (not sure if that's shocking), but when I saw that the girls were agonizing over not being able to go to Target to get an item or two, I was like, well I am in the States for the week, and am close to 1 of 3 Targets (yes I have them mapped)....and have fallen off the "I won't shop till Boston" (kind of) us gals made our way to Tar-get to check out the latest fashion label creating affordable digs for us poor folk. Annnd of course I seemed to find a couple must haves - cute plates, and a fruit/treat displayer! Would have purchased a tea pot and some bowls, but they were breakable, so no can do. Alright back to being shop-free until Boston ;) but those that are going cross border make a stop by and get a flowery gem!

yoga thoughts

From BV Yoga March newsletter:
By Kiersten Mooney
For most of us, to jar us out of our complacency, we need a disturbance to our usual way of being. While sometimes our greatest personal growth occurs when we have experienced a crisis and life has brought us to our knees, profound growth also occurs through the practice of being conscious. The ancient teachings of yoga are all about consciousness. The more present, open, aware and conscious we are, the less we become shaken by a crisis.
When we are aware things don't rattle us as much. When we are conscious, the stuff we once could not see is now is in our peripheral vision so it doesn't blind side us. Instead of walking around and being attached to the chaos we have created in our own minds we are able to pull back like a telescope and see ourselves and witness our lives from a greater perspective.
When you can look out and see all things in your life as objects - your emotions, thoughts, experiences - and recognize that they are not who you are but objects in which you, the subject, can observe, you take your seat of consciousness. Once you detach and awaken to this, the external objects in your life no longer have a death grip on you because you see it as outside of your self not as part of who you are. If you can see an object, it isn't who you are.
Many people believe that they are their experiences. Although our experiences may contributed to our beliefs and enriched our life, they are not who you are, nor are your beliefs. The reality is many of us have had the same experiences in life, yet we act and perceive that same experience differently and walk away very different people. You are beyond the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and even experiences in your life.
When you take the seat of consciousness you are the witness, the ultimate observer of it all, you are the silent one who hears yourself talking to yourself. You have to be objective enough to pull back into your self to truly open up to this ultimate freedom. This is when life gets fun! You can better see what is coming your way without being hit over the head with a brick. The seat of consciousness is compassionately steadfast, not reacting just continually witnessing. Then from your inner most essence you have the space to choose how you want to respond to any given circumstance or feeling.
From this place you have the capacity to really create what it is you want in your life and to live your life fully without getting caught up in the mental movie making of your mind. You are no longer a staring character in your play but the director. This is where you make life happen, this is where you become open to the limitless possibilities and miracles the universe has available to you. Wayne Dyer says "you don't get what you want, you get what you are". Create the life that you want by being it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dr. Suess cares

Every year since I heard Vera Wang had started her simply Vera line at Kohls I keep meaning to go in and check it out...but never quite make it in. I then just recently found out that Lauren Conrad now also has an affordable line also at I thought alright this is the year. So us Bryce gals and Mitchell made our way to what we thought was going to be the next store on our list to visit...and we were da da da dum...very disappointed! Think Walmart meets Kmart...I'm just saying. Vera and LC could have done much better...why not Target? Oh well from our visit we did walk out with 4 fabulous Dr. Seuss hard cover books and stuffed animals to match all for $5 each. So for all you teachers, moms, dads, grandparents, friends, etc, I do recommend hitting up Kohls to take advantage of donating to Kohls Cares (however the display is at the cash register so you don't even need to walk through the store). Alright beach day (our first one)
pps. Happy 25th Birthday Kevin! (birthday on St. Patty's day...of course! ha!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

yoga in florida

This morning my mom and I made our way to Bala Vinyasa Yoga...a studio that practices Baptiste Power yoga which was recommended to us by Kinndli from Power Yoga Canada in Mississauga. What a great class it was this morning...I didn't really have any expectations but went in with an open mind, and ended up being worked to the limit. Loved it! The heat wasnt even turned on and we all walked out drenched! good times! Anywho as Naples is turning out to be an extension of Canada I thought I would send out an FYI to all of youze who practice yoga and who finds themselves visitors or residents of Naples. Kirsten, the owner, was the instructor this morning, and she was fabulous. Check out: BV Yoga

Monday, March 15, 2010

here in paradise

Finally we have made it here! Took us exactly 24 hours to set foot in the Ft. Meyers airport (12 hours in Pearson and another 12 hours of sleeping on Newark benches and flying), but we are here (Jodie, Mitchell and I)...of course we are luggage-less...yess that's right, we arrived yesterday at noon and our bags were no where to be found AND of course we are still waiting (another 24 hours later)! Thank goodness my mom is the same size as us and has great taste....and of course I much prefer her Sisley cream and top notch makeup (so maybe this is a good thing) over mine...but I am craving my staple summer clothes, bathing suit and running shoes! Oh well c'est la vie...especially for me - I seem to always have the nightmare travelling's actually becoming a running joke :(
Anywho so happy to be back in Florida, I would do it all over again if it meant i could be here more often...I am meant to live in warm climates...I feel more like myself.
To all the teachers out there hope you're having a great March break so far! Much deserved! Off to be out in the sun!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

and the golden dress goes to...

Last night I got to see the tail end of the Oscars. I have the show pvr'ed so will do a quick run through soon of the who got who and who wore what! However, I did manage to see a couple gorgeous dresses that I loved loved loved! Above are my top 3!
ps. Ran the chilly half marathon...though not a pb, I still completed it and as always crossing that finish line makes me always come back for more. Thank you to the supporters and the runners who made it all worth while! Tonight is my night off! The couch is calling my name.
pps. 5 more sleeps until florida! Time to turn this albino skin around.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tid bits

1. So today is a good day! I kind of have to keep my great news under wraps but will talk about it soon! It's in regards to my teaching career. yay! exhale, breath, scream with exciting! Things happen to those who are patient! sigh!
2. Ok so though I have an extra spring in my step I have to wait until 7 to go for a have called and msged those I wanted blog time! Does it not feel as if the Olympics happened in the blink of an eye? I feel like I do when Christmas is over...such lead up, great parties, festivities and then boom you wake up Boxing day and it's like it never happened. Congratulations to Canada who definitely showed up this year and brought in record amount of gold medals for any winter impressed! What a crazy hockey game that was! Canada has brought back our title of a country of great hockey players! On a side note: I loved the story and the coverage of the 2 speed skaters who are dating, and how excited they were for each other when they both won gold! I loved when they jumped up onto the rink boards and hugged and kissed. Yes I am a hopeless romantic! Anywho what a great past 2 weeks it has been watching all the different sports and cleaning up! Go Canada Go.
3. Bachlorette: I can't believe I watched the entire 3 hours last night. oh my gosh! Such an annoying ending! Jake is a 'blissful' dork...what guy in this day and age says blissful. dork! Also dork for choosing Vienna, though Tenley is too good for him...well at least her gorgeous dress at the ring part was too good for him. One of my many pet peeves about the show is that they keep praising Jake for the amazing dates he takes them on, the size of the ring he chose, and anything else that requires the show to do all the work and him to sit back and relax! And yes I bash the show every time it comes on, but I am first to put up my feet, have a glass of wine and dish with friends. argh! Glad Ali is the next one up.
4. Roll up the Rimmm now at Timmy's
5. Chilly half marathon this weekend....and then Florida the following...holla!