Thursday, March 26, 2009

Matt Nathanson

Through the grapevine (from kinndli to katie to me) I got hold of a new artist (or new to me)...Matt Nathanson. He is awsome! My kind of tunes! Here is a little synopsis of Matt Nathanson from ITunes: Matt Nathanson sings about desire, disappointment and dysfunctional relationships. The songwriter totes a 12 string guitar and punctuates gentle pop tunes with rousing choruses that overflow with passion. New listeners should start with "Come On Get Higher", a catchy gem that sounds instantly recognizable. Nathanson's music oozes with seemingly effortless pop sensibilities, but he gives glimpses into the refinement process by placing re-recorded versions of select songs on subsequent albums. To me he is a mixture of Damien Rice meets Dave Matthews meets a little bit of the Indigo Girls - a perfect blend! Top songs to download: Come On Get Higher, Laid, All We Are, I Saw and Princess. Hope you enjoy!
ps. heading to Florida tomorrow till Tuesday! Good luck to all the ATB runners!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

wish list

so I'm not really sure when the shift occurred and I actually can't believe I am admitting to this...but lately when I make my trips over seas I eagerly await my first trip to Ted Baker on Grafton. now for those of you who know me, know that Top Shop previously has always been first on my list, sometimes I even hit up the store on my first day here...but i don't know lately I am finding the styles and the quality of the clothes to be so it because I am getting older? I don't know? (I am walking away with some killer TopShop jeans...but that's beside the point) When I walk into Ted Baker I instantly find a million and three things I adore!! Including a fab dress that though I checked every day just didn't seem to be available in my size...and I will be leaving empty handed knowing that it could have been my next occasion dress (pic doesn't do it justice...believe me!)! (ps. my purple dress with frills: from Ted Baker) Oh to have money! Jen and I always seem to walk in there dreaming of the day we can actually buy some pieces to bring our wardrobe and accessory collection up to par! So for anyone going on a europe vacay check to see where your nearest Ted Baker shop is and hit it up!

pps. Congrats to Ireland Rugby who beat Wales in the Grand Slam 6 Nations tourny! It took them 61 years to bring back the trophy! Fair play to them! It was a great game!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

tanks a mil' for the tea

For some reason every time I visit Dublin I drink a million cups of tea a day. I can't even recall the last time I had a drink of water (oops). I even just got back from one of my runs and the first thing I thought to do was turn on the kettle (European style). Even before I headed out I had a cup-o-tea. Though I am full fledged Canadian and am use to my beyond cold weather, Ireland has a type of chill that I just can't get use to...even when it's nice and sunny out, and way warmer than home. Drinking tea is one of the best things to do, and I just can't get enough! Sooo seeing as I have been sharing lots of articles I have read on the net I thought why not search for the Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea. So for all you tea lovers out there this one's for you!
Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking TeaBy: Lynn Grieger
There are lots of reasons why I enjoy a hot cup of tea: I love the aroma of various flavors of tea; holding onto a hot tea mug warms my hands on a cold winter morning; sipping tea in front of the fireplace is a great way to relax. And those are just the feel-good reasons. If you're not drinking tea yet, read up on these 10 ways tea does your body good and then see if you're ready to change your Starbucks order! (Have to intercept...does a Chai Latte count?)
1. Tea contains antioxidants. Like the Rust-Oleum paint that keeps your outdoor furniture from rusting, tea's antioxidants protect your body from the ravages of aging and the effects of pollution.
2. Tea has less caffeine than coffee. Coffee usually has two to
three times the caffeine of tea (unless you're a fan of Morning Thunder, which combines caffeine with mate, an herb that acts like caffeine in our body). An eight-ounce cup of coffee contains around 135 mg caffeine; tea contains only 30 to 40 mg per cup. If drinking coffee gives you the jitters, causes indigestion or headaches or interferes with sleep -- switch to tea.
3. Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Unwanted blood clots formed from cholesterol and blood platelets cause heart attack and stroke. Drinking tea may help keep your arteries smooth and clog-free, the same way a drain keeps your bathroom pipes clear. A 5.6-year study from the Netherlands found a 70 percent lower risk of fatal heart attack in people who drank at least two to three cups of black tea daily compared to non-tea drinkers.

4. Tea protects your bones. It's not just the milk added to tea that builds strong bones. One study that compared tea drinkers with non-drinkers, found that people who drank tea for 10 or more years had the strongest bones, even after adjusting for age, body weight, exercise, smoking and other risk factors. The authors suggest that this may be the work of tea's many beneficial phytochemicals.
5. Tea gives you a sweet smile. One look at the grimy grin of Austin Powers and you may not think drinking tea is good for your teeth, but think again. It's the sugar added to it that's likely to blame for England's bad dental record. Tea itself actually contains fluoride and tannins that may keep plaque at bay. So add unsweetened tea drinking to your daily dental routine of brushing and flossing for healthier teeth and gums.
6. Tea bolsters your immune defenses. Drinking tea may help your body's
immune system fight off infection. When 21 volunteers drank either five cups of tea or coffee each day for four weeks, researchers saw higher immune system activity in the blood of the tea drinkers.
7. Tea protects against cancer. Thank the polyphenols, the antioxidants found in tea, once again for their cancer-fighting effects. While the overall research is inconclusive, there are enough studies that show the potential protective effects of drinking tea to make adding tea to your list of daily beverages.
8. Tea helps keep you hydrated. Caffeinated beverages, including tea, used to be on the list of beverages that didn't contribute to our daily fluid needs. Since caffeine is a diuretic and makes us pee more, the thought was that caffeinated beverages couldn't contribute to our overall fluid requirement. However, recent research has shown that the caffeine really doesn't matter -- tea and other caffeinated beverages definitely contribute to our fluid needs. The only time the caffeine becomes a problem as far as fluid is concerned is when you drink more than five or six cups of a caffeinated beverage at one time.
9. Tea is calorie-free. Tea doesn't have any calories, unless you add sweetener or milk. Consuming even 250 fewer calories per day can result in losing one pound per week. If you're looking for a satisfying, calorie-free beverage, tea is a top choice.
(I guess I should skip the sugar)10. Tea increases your metabolism. Lots of people complain about a slow metabolic rate and their inability to lose weight. Green tea has been shown to actually increase metabolic rate so that you can burn 70 to 80 additional calories by drinking just five cups of green tea per day. Over a year's time you could lose eight pounds just by drinking green tea. Of course, taking a 15-minute walk every day will also burn calories.
Ps. Thought that was an interesting article. Click on the title to read more.
Pps. Having a great time in Ireland! So far no rain....just shine :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my irish tv debut

look will notice a couple canadians who forgot to make a sign and dress up in green! ha! Top of the morning to ya.
pps. The Today Show Video click here

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Will see you there

TODAY celebrates St. Patrick's Day in IrelandMeredith Vieira and Al Roker will host from the Emerald Island March 16-17
PRESS RELEASE:TODAY will say, "top o' the morning" to all of America in a special two-day broadcast, live from Ireland. On Monday March 16 and Tuesday March 17, Meredith Vieira and Al Roker will don their Irish green and celebrate Saint Patrick's Day on the Emerald Isle.
On Monday, March 16, Vieira and Roker will broadcast live from Powerscourt Gardens in County Wicklow, a sprawling country estate known as one of Ireland's most famous house and gardens. On Tuesday, March 17, they will broadcast live from The Dublin Castle in Dublin City Centre and from along the route of the famed Saint Patrick's Festival Parade. During the two days, Vieira and Roker will take a look at the special relationship between the United States and Ireland as 35 million Americans claim Irish heritage. They will also examine the origins and influence of Saint Patrick's Day, search for the real Saint Patrick, and take a look at the myths surrounding him.

Monday, March 9, 2009

5 stars

So as I was in shavashana 'dead corpse' pose at yoga tonight, I was thinking how it was too bad that the bachelor wasn't still on, on Monday nights...but little did I know a stellar "Dancing With The Stars" line up was about to put their dancing shoes on! And let me tell you I just finished watching the show and it was awesome! What a cast...and drum roll please...Melissa has continued to shine on Monday nights and has taken the 13th spot. Highlights of the night: a heart warming intro to Steve-O's reason for making a change in his life (also thought it was so sweet that Johnny and Weeman gave their friend a standing O), loved meeting Jewel's hubby - he wasn't smooth at all - but he looked so nervous and was trying so hard I just loved it; Shawn Johnson also proved she has it in the gym and on the floor - she was great, and finally I give props to Gilles Marini - he's got my vote - (his kid was a cutie)! And of course I have to mention that though Julianne and her boy are quite the duo - I'm not sure if I need to see them all lovey dovey -just show me how they can dance! I definitely am giving Season 8, 5 stars! Can't wait to see more!
Line up:
Melissa Rycroft (bachelor) and Holly Madison (Celebrity) join singers (Belinda Carlisle, Lil' Kim and Chuck Wicks), athletes (gymnast Shawn Johnson, rodeo rider Ty Murray and ex-NFLer Lawrence Taylor), and actors (David Alan Grier, Gilles Marini and Denise Richards) as well as oddball Steve-O and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.
Ps. I may need one more week to officially cast my vote but Melissa and Gilles look to be winners!

Friday, March 6, 2009

benefits of antioxidants

so yesterday I and my fellow Connor clinic runners received an email that made me smile! Thought I would share.
email: RADICALLY improve your PERFORMANCE and your HEALTH!
Stiff, achy, damaged muscles holding you back from peak performance, frequent colds keeping you from training, gastrointestinal issues slowing you down…. Dr. Taya’s Recommendation - Drink at least one glass of red wine per day, enjoy that cup of coffee, keep loving that dark chocolate, eat a rainbow worth of antioxidant rich vegetables every day and supplement with the appropriate antioxidant formula!
Too much exercise, unless the body is appropriately supported, can be harmful to the body. As you train hard (especially now that the km’s are adding up) the chemical xanthine oxidase builds in the muscles and joints causing oxidative stress in your body. Oxidative stress releases free radicals into the body. The amount of free radicals released far exceed the body’s ability to neutralize them with a “normal” antioxidant daily intake. Free radicals interfere with normal cell function, muscle repair and defense against germs. They are the underlying cause of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, gastrointestinal issues and a host of other conditions. Join Dr. Taya for a short, informative talk (next Thursday) about how antioxidants (including that red wine and dark chocolate!) can help you better your performance and overall health. LEARN HOW ANTIOXIDANTS CAN HELP YOU:Promote fat loss, Promote muscle gain, Enhance oxygen exchange, Reduce overall free radical burden from exercise and Decrease the incidence of runner’s diarrhea and other gastrointestinal complaints. Email Dr. Taya at for more details!

So of course my eyes opened wider when Dr. Steve wrote about drinking more wine! I clearly don't drink enough throughout the week! ha ha! Anywho the reason why I found this email to be interesting is because I am always the first to get sick, the first to feel run down, etc etc...yet I keep running and don't really do anything about it! So my pledge for the next couple months until the Mississauga marathon is to intake more antioxidants (and drink water - that I need to do WAY more of!!).
So when going on Canadian Living I found out the best 5 antioxidant-rich foods.
1. Berries: In addition to being deliciously sweet, berries such as raspberries, blueberries and strawberries offer an abundance of antioxidant capacity. Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are rich in proanthocyanidins, antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and heart disease. Eat them frozen in a morning smoothie, toss a handful over your morning yogurt or cereal or enjoy them as an afternoon snack.
2. Broccoli: Broccoli definitely takes the gold medal for most nutritious vegetable. This cruciferous vegetable contains more vitamin C than an orange and has more calcium than a glass of milk. In addition to minerals and vitamins, broccoli is filled with disease-fighting chemicals called phytonutrients. Sulforaphane, a phytonutrient found in broccoli, has been shown to lower the risk of many types of cancers. Try steaming or boiling broccoli and seasoning with basil, lemon or salsa for a delicious side dish. This powerhouse vegetable is a perfect addition to omelettes, salads or stir-frys.
3. Garlic: Garlic is used around the world as a delicious flavouring agent for any dish. The health benefits of garlic have been well touted for centuries, and raw garlic has been used as a natural antibiotic to kill off some strains of harmful bacteria. Garlic is also useful for decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol, removing heavy metals from the body, preventing cancer and acting as an antifungal and antiviral agent. One clove of garlic contains vitamins A, B and C, selenium, iodine, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.
4. Green tea: Green tea contains high concentrations of catechin polyphenols. These compounds work in the body with other chemicals to heighten levels of fat oxidation and thermogenesis (a state created in the body by burning fat as fuel). On average, you should try to consume a minimum of three cups of green tea per day for weight loss effects (oh man!). Green tea has also been shown to be preventative against cancer, heart disease and high cholesterol.
5. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are by far the richest source of a powerful anticancer agent called lycopene. In fact, research has shown lycopene to be an even more powerful disease fighter than vitamin E and beta carotene. Lycopene needs fat for optimal absorption to occur. Therefore, putting the healthy fat olive oil in your spaghetti sauce is an excellent trick to increase your lycopene levels. Start including more tomatoes in your diet in the form of sliced, whole, canned, stewed or sauced tomatoes or tomato paste.
In addition to the list above, red grapes, spinach, carrots and whole grains also offer plentiful antioxidant content. Remember – eat live to feel live and you will be on your way to a future of health, energy and wellness! (view article)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

nice start to march

So the first couple days of March have definitely been interesting!
March 1st: I competed in the Chilly Half Marathon held on the streets of Burlington. I managed to get my fastest time to date and am super pleased! I had a great running partner and amazing support! Heather, Estelle, Angela, Irene, Josie, Erin, Jodie and Mitchell all came to root me on - it's amazing to know you have friends who are there for you and want to celebrate your wins! Thank you! We also went to a fab brunch at the Waterside cooker over looking the water - totally recommend it! (My stats: Time - 1:44.52, Category place - 6/127, Place amongst females - 76/1262)
March 2nd: The most interesting Bachelor finale. Yes that's right I sat down for a total of 3 HOURS - dear lord - to watch Jason make a mockery of both men and women. For some reason I started watching this season (please note I totally do not agree with the concept...what type of girl would date a guy who is dating 25 other women ... and who constantly has to try and impress him!) and found this season quite interesting...however last night just took the cake for me! Poor Melisssa, I definitely felt for her - and then to see Molly come on - though if I was still in love with Jason I don't know what i would do - i definitely would have loved her to say "in your dreams buddy!". Plus what's up with the show being on for an hour tonight? Is Jason going to realize that after 24 hours that really he in fact loves Gillian or even Deanna. Pardon me buddy, get yourself together! (I give him props for choosing a killer ring...the other 2 weren't too shabby either) Alright enough said.
March 3rd: Had an interview with tdsb! cross your fingers! (Won't find out until June tho)